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Audiobook Review: A Tempest at Sea by Sherry Thomas

A Tempest at Sea

Sherry Thomas
Narrator: Kate Reading
Series: The Lady Sherlock Series (Book 7)
Publication: Penguin Audio (March 14, 2023)
Length: 13 hours and 47 minutes

Description: Charlotte Holmes’s brilliant mind and deductive skills are pulled into a dangerous investigation at sea in the new mystery in the bestselling Lady Sherlock series.

After feigning her own death in Cornwall to escape from Moriarty’s perilous attention, Charlotte Holmes goes into hiding. But then she receives a tempting offer: Find a dossier the crown is desperately seeking, and she might be able to go back to a normal life.

Her search leads her aboard the RMS Provence. But on the night Charlotte makes her move to retrieve the dossier, in the midst of a terrifying storm in the Bay of Biscay, a brutal murder takes place on the ship.

Instead of solving the crime, as she is accustomed to doing, Charlotte must take care not to be embroiled in this investigation, lest it become known to those who harbor ill intentions that Sherlock Holmes is abroad and still very much alive.

My Thoughts: The seventh Lady Sherlock mystery takes place on the HMS Provence. Charlotte, who faked her own death to get off Moriarty's radar, has a mission from the Crown to find some missing documents. If successful, she will get protection from Moriarty. 

Disguised as an old woman with Mrs. Watson disguised as her companion, Charlotte finds herself among a select group of passengers many of whom are known to her. In fact, the man who compromised her and cost her a place in society is traveling with his wife. Lord Ingram is traveling with his children. Her sister Olivia is traveling with her cousin. And her mother shows up unexpectedly traveling with her new maid. 

There are other passengers including Charlotte's target: a German nanny traveling with two young boys. And there are the Arkwrights: a brother and sister reunited after many years. Mr. Arkwright left England for Australia where he made his fortune. His sister was forced to make her own way in England and part of making her way may have included being naked at a house party - a thoroughly scandalous event. 

When Miss Arkwright is outed by Charlotte's seducer, attention is called to her. And when her brother is murdered Charlotte needs to solve the crime while keeping her identity secret and her search for the missing documents active. 

A Scotland Yard detective who has tangled with Charlotte and Lord Ingram before and who is traveling on the same ship is put in charge of the investigation by the ship's captain. Lord Ingram has to find a way to insert himself in the investigation in order to pass information on to Charlotte. 

The story is filled with twists and turns and lots of secrets. I enjoyed the complexity of the story. 

I bought this one. You can buy your copy here.

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