Friday, October 22, 2010

ARC Review: Eternal Hunger by Laura Wright

Eternal Hunger
Author: Laura Wright
Publication: Signet (October 5, 2010)

Description: A dark and sexy debut paranormal romance 

In the dark, fear and desire are one... 

Alexander Roman wants nothing to do with those of his vampire breed. Fate places him at the door of Dr. Sara Donohue, who is dedicated to removing patients' traumatic memories. But as their world's collide, Sara and Alexander are bound by something even stronger as one becomes hunter and the other, prey. And Sara's only chance of survival is to surrender to the final-and most unimaginable-desire of her life.

My Thoughts: This was a great start to a new series. It was a hot, paranormal romance. Alexander Roman had escaped the safe, restrictive life that most vampires lead. However, the Order who controlled vampires wanted something from him and forced him to morph into the kind of vampire that has many fantastic powers but who can no longer go out into the sunlight. Also, morphed vampires have only two choices. Either they are Breeding Males who are animalistic and obsessed with sex or they have true mates that they are compelled to search for. Alexander is the son of a Breeding Male and does not want to be one himself. 

Dr. Sara Donohue is a psychiatrist. She has been working for years to help her brother get over the trauma of an accident that she caused and that have cost him his voice and left him with terrible burns. The brother is not doing well. Sara spends a lot of time with him. One of her other patients is jealous and fixated on her. If he can't have her, he is willing to kill her. 

Sara and Alexander meet when she save him from being caught by the sun after he morphs unexpectedly. He has collapsed outside her door. When she brings him in, her crazy patient is inside her home waiting to kill her. Alexander saves her but the psycho escapes.

Alexander is morphed early in order to track down a vampire that is trying to upset the vampire lifestyle. The Order has tasked Alexander with the job of killing this vampire or else. Otherwise, they will also prematurely morph his two younger brothers too.

While Sara and Alex are attracted to each other (at least, they are after Sara gets over the idea that he is a vampire), Alexander knows that as a morphed male he has to find his true mate and no human can be a vampire's true mate. Sara knows that too but her feelings continue to grow stronger and stronger. 

The sexual tension made the book sizzle. I recommend this one to lovers of paranormal romance. I look forward to further books in this series to find out if the brothers also find their mates.

Favorite Quote:
She locked eyes and growled back, "Listen to me, vampire, and listen well. The only thing I'm afraid of is me! That's it. Afraid of what's happening inside me. Things I want, things that don't make any kind of sense for a human to want." Her voice cracked with emotion, but she kept going. "I'm afraid of being without you, never feeling again the way I feel when i'm with you. I'm afraid of never seeing your eyes again or your mouth, or hearing your voice. I'm afraid you'll never allow yourself to fill the emptiness in my heart, my soul, or my body--"

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  1. This definitely looks like something I would like. Adding it to my TBR now! Thanks :)


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