Thursday, May 24, 2012

Book Review: The Last Boyfriend by Nora Roberts

The Last Boyfriend
Author: Nora Roberts
Publication: Berkley Trade; 1 edition (May 1, 2012)

Description: A new novel of a shared past, a fresh start, and a lifetime of love.
#1 New York Times bestselling author Nora Roberts introduces you to the Montgomery brothers—Beckett, Ryder, and Owen—as they bring an intimate bed-and-breakfast to life in their hometown.
Owen is the organizer of the Montgomery clan, running the family’s construction business with an iron fist—and an even less flexible spreadsheet. And though his brothers bust on his compulsive list-making, the Inn BoonsBoro is about to open right on schedule. The only thing Owen didn’t plan for was Avery McTavish...
Avery’s popular pizza place is right across the street from the inn, giving her a first-hand look at its amazing renovation—and a newfound appreciation for Owen. Since he was her first boyfriend when they were kids, Owen has never been far from Avery’s thoughts. But the attraction she’s feeling for him now is far from innocent.
As Avery and Owen cautiously take their relationship to another level, the opening of the inn gives the whole town of Boonsboro a reason to celebrate. But Owen’s hard work has only begun. Getting Avery to let down her guard is going to take longer than he expected—and so will getting her to realize that her first boyfriend is going to be her last…

My Thoughts: This was another heart-warming romance from a master of the genre. Owen Montgomery and Avery McTavish have been friends since they were children. In fact, he was her first boyfriend since she told him they were going to get married when they grew up when she was only six. But over the years, while they had a solid friendship, there were no romantic sparks. 

While Avery is a wonderful friend, she has some issues about her ability to sustain a lasting relationship. After all, her mother abandoned her and her father to run off with another man when Avery was only thirteen. Avery is afraid that she might be like her faithless and selfish mother. Owen is the product of a strong and loving marriage who has always had the security of knowing that he was loved by both of his parents. 

Their personalities are rather different too. Avery can be impulsive and is a bit of a free spirit as evidenced by her ever changing hair color. Owen is an organized and sometimes anal list maker. He is the one who keeps everyone on schedule and handles the details for the family business he runs with his mother and two brothers.

When they suddenly start to see each other romantically both have to readjust their thinking. Neither one of them wants to mess up their friendship. It was great to see them fall in love and watch them work out their relationship.

Relationships are why I read Nora Roberts. She is such a wonderful writer of strong, loving families and caring, supportive friends. I would love to be a part of the great family circles she creates where all of the people love each other. The brothers tease and pick at each other but there is no question that they will do anything for each other. Their strong relationship with their mother is also amazing. And the friendship between Avery, Hope and Clare is a model for a perfect friendship.

I recommend this story for anyone who wants a feel-good romance. This is book two in a trilogy. You should look for THE NEXT ALWAYS to catch up and be watching for THE PERFECT HOPE to finish up the trilogy next November.

Favorite Quote:
The heat from the stove flushed pink in her cheeks, and amusement sparkled the blue of her eyes.

It occurred to him he'd seen her like this before, right here in his kitchen, lending a hand with a party, laughing with one or both of his brothers.

But he hadn't seen her exactly like this, as a woman he wanted. As a woman who wanted him.

Had that one kiss, unplanned, impulsive, really changed the tone and direction of who and what they were to each other? Or had there always been something there, just waiting for that switch to flip?
I bought this one because I love Nora. You can buy your copy here.


  1. I can't wait for November for the third in the trilogy. I am one that when I read her trilogies, I just love to read all the way through, so I will wait until them to read all three.


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