Friday, September 7, 2012

Friday Memes: Murder in Silence by Gary Kassay

Happy Friday everybody!
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The book I am reading this week is Murder in Silence by Gary Kassay. I was sent this one for review from Sapphire Star Publishing. It was released on June 12. It is a thriller. Here is the description:
Two police officers have been brutally killed by having their throats ripped out, but the wound appears to have been done with surgical precision. With no witnesses, no forensic evidence, and two bizarre clues to follow, the case falls to Inspector Duke Becker, head of the high profile Special Investigations Unit, Homicide. Becker and his squad must find the killer before more cops are murdered. The case will lead Becker on a wild chase through the streets of New York City, back over 15 years into the past and to a cover-up that will rock City Hall. Along with his brash, wildly dressed young partner, Jimmy Nova, the beautiful Michelle Goldman, Augie "Doggie" Rivera, and the Mutt and Jeff team of Bobby Green and Joe Robinson, Becker will need to enlist his boyhood friend in charge of CSU, Manny Velez. Add a ruthless newswoman known to the NYPD as "Wicked Witch Wilson" and a new love interest for Becker in the gorgeous and brilliant Dr. Elizabeth Cunningham, Becker is about to embark on the most difficult and dangerous case in his 20 plus years. Will Becker and his squad be able to catch the killer before more cops die or will the killer have the last laugh?
The knife slid deep into the smooth flesh of the young woman again and again.
This startling beginning is mitigated by the second paragraph.
Carol Hayes pushed a mouthful of popcorn into her mouth with each downward thrust of the knife. She was sitting comfortably on the sofa with her dapple dachshund, Cuddles.
Friday 56 (Location 600):
On the walls were framed and unframed movie posters of classic movies: Gary Cooper in High Noon, Jimmy Stewart in Winchester '73, and of course John Wayne in El Dorado, just to mention a few.
I'm not to this point in the story yet. Both excerpts are about movies but nothing in the description talks about movies. This makes me curious.


  1. My Aunt Lynda would love that John Wayne poster!

  2. Oh, Yikes! That first line! Good to know Carol's just watching a movie.

    Here are my Friday Memes.

  3. The first sentence made me hold my breath, but the second paragraph allowed me to let it out! Whew! What a relief that it was just a movie. Those first sentences sure set the tone for the book.
    My book beginning is from SEASON OF SISTERS.


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