Friday, December 7, 2012

Friday Memes: Guardians of Stone by Anita Clenney

Happy Friday everybody!
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This week I am spotlighting Guardians of Stone by Anita Clenney. I got this romantic suspense title through the Amazon Vine program. It was released on Dec. 4. Here is the description:
Kendall Morgan is a human bloodhound. Spending her childhood hunting relics with her ambitious archeologist father, she knew the two of them shared a sixth sense for the history and location of objects—sometimes even people. What she didn’t know was that their paranormal gift could ultimately be their undoing.

After the tragic plane crash that killed her father as well as her childhood best friend, Kendall dedicated her life to finding and protecting relics. When mysterious, sexy billionaire Nathan Larraby hires her for his latest expedition—the search for four powerful relics —she’s thrown into a world of high-octane danger. He sends brooding mercenary Jake Stone to watch Kendall’s back, but he may have created danger of a different kind.

As the team chases down clues, a man called the Reaper makes a play for the artifacts and will stop at nothing to put them to his own sinister use. What’s worse is that Nathan hasn’t told the whole story, and the dark secrets he’s keeping could cost them the mission…and their lives.
Her first date in six weeks blown to hell. Kendall Morgan press the cell phone to her ear. "When do you need me?" She cast an apologetic glance at her good-looking new neighbor who'd finally gotten around to asking her out.
Friday 56:
"That man's either with her or following her," Kendall said.


  1. I missed that one on Vine. It looks like something I would love. Here is my post:

  2. Oh wow, this book is a mix of so many different genres and themes, I don't know whether I could deal with it XD But I do like the entire relic-searching thing! Thanks for sharing! Hop on over to My Friday Post if you have the time!
    Juli @ Universe in Words

  3. Very intriguing.... should I worry for her???

  4. Hmmm, lots going on. Wonder which it is--is the man with her or following her?

    Here's my Friday Post


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