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ARC Review: Wild Justice by Kelley Armstrong

Wild Justice
Author: Kelley Armstrong
Publication: Plume (November 26, 2013)

Description: The long-awaited final installment of the #1 New York Times bestselling author’s Nadia Stafford series

Since Kelley Armstrong wrapped up book two of the Nadia Stafford series, fans have been eager to know what happens to the tough-as-nails contract killer. At last, Wild Justice brings Nadia back for the series’ thrilling conclusion—an action-packed tale that will dazzle fans of the series as well as those who are only familiar with Armstrong’s bestselling paranormal books.

In Wild Justice, Nadia is confronted with her most difficult task to date: going after the man who killed her cousin Amy twenty years prior. But when it turns out that someone else has already taken justice into their own hands, she is drawn into a complex situation where everything she knows and loves is thrown into the path of danger. Nadia is forced to take matters into her own hands, ultimately requiring her to confront her darkest secrets—and her deepest desires—in a way that she never thought possible.

My Thoughts: I really enjoyed this concluding book to the Nadia Stafford series. I found the writing engaging. I especially liked the dialog between Nadia and Jack. I also enjoyed watching them finally take a chance on having a relationship. I found it amusing that two contract killers who faced physical danger all the time would be so fearful of taking emotional risks.

When the story begins, Nadia is in a tough place mentally. She has just broken up with fellow contract killer Quinn because they had different expectations for their relationship. She is feeling guilty that she might have led him on. She is also facing professional difficulties because she didn't kill the man she was hired to kill and shortly later he kills his wife, wounds his infant daughter and kills himself. Nadia passed on the hit because the wife and daughter were there and she wasn't willing to kill him in front of them. Now she is feeling guilty because they died or were injured because she didn't take the shot. 

Her mentor Jack comes to see her with a gift. He has located Drew Aldritch - the man she believes killed her cousin twenty years earlier but who was acquitted at the trial. Nadia was there at the isolated cabin at the time but managed to escape and run for help. She feels guilty that she didn't do anything to save her cousin. She has had nightmare about the whole thing for years. They are especially bad when she gets in another situation where her actions cause harm to an innocent. Drew Aldritch has changed his name a few times but hasn't changed his ways with young girls. Jack thinks that Nadia will feel better if she kills him herself but Nadia is more in favor of turning him in to law enforcement.

Unfortunately, while they are watching Drew, someone gets there first and kills him. Worse than that, someone has hired hit men to kill Nadia - perhaps because Drew Aldritch recognized her. Jack and Nadia have to figure out who is trying to kill her. Quinn gets involved in the case too which is incredibly awkward for Nadia who has finally started a relationship with Jack after years of missed signals.

Complicating things even further is that Nadia recalls things about the time of her cousin's death that she had completely blocked out of her memory. Things that her family had known and Jack had guessed but which Nadia had repressed. Dealing with those new memories rocks her world.

This story was excellent. I can't wait to get a keeper copy for my bookshelf. 

Favorite Quote:
"He changed his mind. You two got together. Started thinking it might work."

"But it did work—as exactly what I signed up for—a relationship." I lowered my voice as my temper flared. "I thought it was going great, and I thought he was happy. Then this happens. One invitation to one wedding, and the next thing I know, he's telling me he wants this to end in our own wedding."


I sputtered a laugh, "No kidding, huh? And that's why I feel like shit—because Quinn's not an asshole, and he was telling me something wonderful. He gave me a gift, and I threw it back in his face."

"Gave you something you didn't want. He didn't care. He wanted it. Makes him an asshole in my books." He paused. "Nothing new."
I got this ARC through the Amazon Vine Program. You can buy your copy here.

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  1. OOh nice review! It's been soooo very long since I read the second book in this trilogy! Hoping my memory can pick up when I get to this one!


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