Wednesday, June 8, 2016

ARC Review: Written Off by E. J. Copperman

Written Off
Author: E. J. Copperman
Series: A Mysterious Detective Mystery
Publication: Crooked Lane Books (June 14, 2016)

Description: Rachel Goldman writes mysteries in which Duffy Madison, consultant to the county prosecutor’s office, helps find missing persons. Rachel is busy working on her next book, when a man calls out of the blue asking for help in a missing persons case. The caller's name? Duffy Madison.

Is this real or has she lost her mind? She doesn't have much time to find out because a serial killer is on the loose, kidnapping and murdering mystery authors. And Rachel may just be the next target.

Full of uncanny intrigue and witty humor, E.J. Copperman's imaginative series debut Written Off is sure to be a new fan favorite for readers of Donna Andrews.

My Thoughts: This was a really fun cozy mystery. Rachel Goldman is a mid-list author who writes mysteries starring Duffy Madison who is a consultant with the police specializing in missing persons. Imagine her surprise when a man who introduces himself as Duffy Madison shows up at one of her books signings asking for her help in solving a missing person's case.

It seems that mystery authors are disappearing and later being found murdered. An author Rachel has met is the latest to disappear. Rachel writes mysteries; she doesn't solve them. But somehow she is roped into helping Duffy find the missing author. All the while, she and her very competent assistant are trying to discover who this Duffy Madison really is.

I liked all the inside info about the lives of authors. Rachel gets involved in solving this mystery in part because she doesn't want to tackle the revisions on her latest book. We also see a book signing from the author's point of view. Rachel has a lot of problems I think are common to authors: nobody has heard of her or read her books and people confuse her with authors who have similar names.

Fans of mysteries and fans of authors will enjoy this great mystery that begins a series.

Favorite Quote:
"I . . . created you?" I echoed back at him. I usually prided myself on being a good conversationalist, but now I was  impressed that I could come up with something above the level of "gaaaaaaahh."
I got this one for review from NetGalley. You can buy your copy here.

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