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Audiobook: Moon Called by Patricia Briggs

Moon Called
Author: Patricia Briggs
Narrator: Lorelei King
Publication: Penguin Audio (Sept. 1, 2009)
Length: 9 hours and 14 minutes

Description: I didn't realize he was a werewolf at first. My nose isn't at its best when surrounded by axle grease and burnt oil . . .'

Mercedes Thompson runs a garage in the Tri-Cities. She's a mechanic, and a damn good one, who spends her spare time karate training and tinkering with a VW bus that happens to belong to a vampire. Her next-door neighbor is an alpha werewolf - literally, the leader of the pack. And Mercy herself is a shapeshifter, sister to coyotes. As such, she's tolerated by the 'wolves but definitely down the pecking order. As long as she keeps her eyes down and remembers her place, the pack will leave her in peace.

My Thoughts: This is the first in what is currently a twelve book series and introduces Mercedes Thompson, Volkswagon mechanic and a skinwalker who can turn into a coyote. Mercy was raised by werewolves in the pack of the Marrok when her young human mother didn't know what to do with a child who shifted.

She left the pack at sixteen to go back to live with her mother when she fell in love with the Marrok's son Samuel who had ulterior motives for courting her. After college, where she switched her major from mechanical engineering to history, she moved to the tri-cities area and bought a garage from a gremlin and began fixing cars. One of her clients is a vampire who also loves Volkswagons. She lives in a double-wide trailer within eyesight of Adam, the alpha werewolf of the Columbia River pack, and delights in tweaking him when he seems to get too pushy.

When Adam's 15-year-old daughter is kidnapped and Adam severely injured, Mercy believes that her only option is to take him to the Marrok's pack for help. This lets her resolve some of the issues that caused her to leave and reunites her with Samuel who is sent by the Marrok to try to find the missing child and figure out what is going on.

I really liked Mercy who is bright, competent, and independent. I liked that she was willing to stand up for herself with both the Marrok and the alpha werewolf. The story was exciting and the characters well drawn. A lot of characters were introduced which gave a good picture of the world as it exists in this alternate paranormal world.

I liked the narration which did a good job making each characters distinct and building the tension in the story.

I bought this one. You can buy your copy here.

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