Friday, August 21, 2020

Friday Memes: Ink & Sigil by Kevin Hearne

Happy Friday everybody!
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Deid apprentices tend to tarnish a man's reputation after a while. I'm beginning to wonder when mine will be beyond repair.
Friday 56:
"I said they wouldnae go around assassinating folk because that draws too much attention. But killing spies is different, isn't it? If ye're a nation with spies and some of yer spooky bastards get kilt, ye don't go squawking about it in the press and expelling diplomats and threatening war."
This week I am spotlighting Ink & Sigil by Kevin Hearne from my review stack. Here is the description from Amazon:
Al MacBharrais is both blessed and cursed. He is blessed with an extraordinary white moustache, an appreciation for craft cocktails—and a most unique magical talent. He can cast spells with magically enchanted ink and he uses his gifts to protect our world from rogue minions of various pantheons, especially the Fae.

But he is also cursed. Anyone who hears his voice will begin to feel an inexplicable hatred for Al, so he can only communicate through the written word or speech apps. And his apprentices keep dying in peculiar freak accidents. As his personal life crumbles around him, he devotes his life to his work, all the while trying to crack the secret of his curse.

But when his latest apprentice, Gordie, turns up dead in his Glasgow flat, Al discovers evidence that Gordie was living a secret life of crime. Now Al is forced to play detective—while avoiding actual detectives who are wondering why death seems to always follow Al. Investigating his apprentice’s death will take him through Scotland’s magical underworld, and he’ll need the help of a mischievous hobgoblin if he’s to survive.


  1. Funny description about the curse. Is the book supposed to be humorous? Staying safe? My book is called WEATHER

  2. I just finished this one - it was a lot of fun!

    Lauren @ Always Me

  3. Sounds like an intriguing book! Thanks for sharing and enjoy your week.


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