Saturday, September 5, 2020

ARC Review: Nightshade by M. L. Huie


Author: M. L. Huie
Series: A Livy Nash Mystery
Publication: Crooked Lane Books (September 8, 2020)

Description: How far would you go to rescue a friend?

British spy Livy Nash has never had many friends. But fellow agent Margot Dupont was the exception to the rule. At least, until she disappeared during one of their missions in World War Two, never to be heard from again. Since then, Livy's made do. Some people, you just can't replace.

But when the British pick up Margot's call sign--NIGHTSHADE--years after the war, Livy can't help the glimmer of hope that she might see her old friend again. But Livy has her doubts: what their enemies are using it to lure out Livy and her team? What if it's all a trick?

Despite her unease, Livy dives headlong into finding Margot, aided by her boss, the charming Ian Fleming. When evidence arises that a handsome Russian spy might have information about Margot, Livy agrees to her most dangerous mission yet: going undercover as a double agent to spy on the infamous "Red Devil".

As Livy is pulled deeper into the shadows of treachery, the possibility of finding Margot alive diminishes as the danger grows. How much will she have to sacrifice to find a friend she thought she'd lost forever?

My Thoughts: Livy Nash is just about to resign from her position with the Kemsley News Service run by Ian Fleming. She has been running a double agent and has gotten enough of a scare that she thinks she might prefer an ordinary life. But when a coded message is received by an old friend thought lost during the war, Livy is willing to do anything to find her friend.

But the "anything" that needs to be done is to become a double agent working with the Russians who might have an idea where to find Livy's missing friend. It so happens that the Russian she needs to convince of her change of heart happens to be a man who was once her lover. That makes it both harder and easier to play the part. 

Yuri Kostin is in line for the head of the office in Berlin but he is facing internal difficulties and the FBI really wants Livy to find a way to discredit him. But Livy needs him to find the information on her friend for her and parts ways with the FBI. 

This was a twisted and tangled story of post-war spying filled with agents from a number of countries and Livy still pretty much on her own. Fleming has an unofficial relationship with Britain's MI6. MI6 isn't giving Fleming all the available information which puts Livy into even more danger. The Russians seem to have at least two different factions of spies operating. And Livy needs to find a way to maneuver around them all to complete her mission of locating her friend.

The story was action-packed and filled with tension. I really liked Livy and could understand how hard it was for her to do her job. The story didn't stint on the difficulties of being a spy. I really hope that this is the middle book in a trilogy about Livy because the ending demands another story. Talk about a cliffhanger!

Favorite Quote:
"The fact is, Olivia, we are the watchers," he said, his voice soft and clipped. "We keep the wolves at bay, so the people who lead the quiet lives never have to know. Once you've been in our line of work, it's more than a little difficult to be satisfied with what passes for a normal life."

I received this one in exchange for an honest review from NetGalley. You can buy your copy here.

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  1. Thank you for the review. It sounds like I’d enjoy it. I’m glad I found your blog. Happy Sunday.


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