Thursday, February 18, 2021

ARC Review: Dragonfly Girl by Marti Leimbach

Dragonfly Girl

Marti Leimbach
Publication: Katherine Tegen Books (February 23, 2021)

Description: In this spellbinding thriller and YA debut from bestselling author Marti Leimbach, Kira Adams has discovered a cure for deathand it may just cost her life.

Things aren’t going well for Kira. At home, she cares for her mother and fends off debt collectors. At school, she’s awkward and shy. Plus, she may flunk out if she doesn’t stop obsessing about science, her passion and the one thing she’s good at . . . very good at.

When she wins a prestigious science contest she draws the attention of the celebrated professor Dr. Gregory Munn (as well as his handsome assistant), leading to a part-time job in a top-secret laboratory. 

The job is mostly cleaning floors and equipment, but one night, while running her own experiment, she revives a lab rat that has died in her care. 

One minute it is dead, the next it is not.

Suddenly she’s the remarkable wunderkind, the girl who can bring back the dead. Everything is going her way. But it turns out that science can be a dangerous business, and Kira is swept up into a world of international rivalry with dark forces that threaten her life. 

My Thoughts: Kira Adams is a High School Junior and a scientific genius. She is also the main caretaker for her mother who has cancer. They are deeply in debt to the local loan shark. But Kira has taken to entering scientific contests which offer cash prizes to supplement the family income. 

Things change a lot when she wins a very prestigious contest which requires her to travel from her home in California to Stockholm, Sweden, to pick up her prize. The only problem is that she has entered the contest fraudulently. One of the requirements is that she bas a Ph.D. that she earned no more than a year earlier. She didn't lie; she left the line indicating when and where she got her Ph.D. blank. But another of the award winners is suspicious and really causes her trouble. 

However, she has done her own research and has written a brilliant paper which draws the attention of Dr. Gregory Munn who runs a prestigious lab in Oakland which is near her home. He offers her a job working in his lab. Unfortunately, her supervisor is the same jerk who caused her problems in Stockholm and who seems determined to teach her nothing and force her to quit. Luckily, she does make friends with some of the other scientists and she also finds a home that fits her much better than trying to fit in at her High School.

When she discovers a procedure that brings a rat back to life, she quickly learns that science can be a cutthroat sort of game. Everyone wants her discovery. She's kidnapped along with her nemesis Will and taken to Russia where she is forced to share her procedure and pressured to join a rich man's stable of young scientific geniuses. Until she manages to escape...

This was an exciting thriller. filled with all kinds of action and lots of tension. I really liked Kira in all her brilliance and social awkwardness. The story had a nice group of supporting characters including her best-and-only friend Lauren and the many young scientists at Dr. Munn's lab. 

Favorite Quote:
"Why is everything you own black?"

"Because they haven't come up with a darker color?"
I received this one in exchange for an honest review from Edelweiss. You can buy your copy here.

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