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Book and Audio Review: Poison Fruit by Jacqueline Carey

Poison Fruit

Jacqueline Carey
Narrator: Johanna Parker
Series: Agent of Hel (Book 3)
Publication: Recorded Books (October 8, 2014): Ace (October 7, 2014)
Length: 15 hours and 48 minutes; 441 p.

Description: The hot-as-Hel series with the “Sookie Stackhouse type of vibe” (Paranormal Haven) is back—but this time the paranormal Midwestern town of Pemkowet is feeling a frost in the air and the residents are frozen in fear....

The Pemkowet Visitors Bureau has always promoted paranormal tourism—even if it has downplayed the risks (hobgoblins are unpredictable). It helps that the town is presided over by Daisy Johanssen, who as Hel’s liaison is authorized by the Norse goddess of the dead to keep Pemkowet under control. Normally, that’s easier to do in the winter, when bracing temperatures keep folks indoors.

But a new predator is on the prowl, and this one thrives on nightmares. Daisy is on her trail and working intimately with her partner and sometime lover from the Pemkowet PD, sexy yet unavailable werewolf Cody Fairfax. But even as the creature is racking up innocent victims, a greater danger looms on Pewkowet’s horizon.

As a result of a recent ghost uprising, an unknown adversary—represented by a hell-spawn lawyer with fiery powers of persuasion—has instigated a lawsuit against the town. If Pemkowet loses, Hel’s sovereignty will be jeopardized, and the fate of the eldritch community will be at stake. The only one who can prevent it is Daisy—but she’s going to have to confront her own worst nightmare to do it.

My Thoughts: This episode of the Agent of Hel trilogy has a number of problems. First, a Night Hag is in town who is frightening people by causing their nightmares. The first is a soldier with PTSD who is almost convinced to commit suicide. The second is a seven-year-old boy. The final victim is a cancer-ridden lady in a nursing home who dies because of the Night Hag's attack. Daisy convinces Sinclair to go to his dark side to curse her with nightmares so that she can catch and bind the Night Hag. But she'll have to face her greatest fear -- that accepting her demon legacy could end the world -- in order to catch her.

But the biggest problem in the book is that the town is being sued for injuries physical and psychological caused by the events of the past Halloween. The Demon Spawn lawyer who has been using his gift of influence to buy up properties around Hel's domain has finally put his cards on the table and he is determined to force to town to sell the land where Hel lives in order to pay what the court assigns them as a settlement.

Hel isn't willing to give in; she can't because there are no more wild places for her to move to. This means war between Hel and the goddess who is trying to move in on her territory. Daisy has to gather all her allies in order to try to save their town and the eldritch who live there. She also has to decide if she has to make the biggest sacrifice of all and claim her demon legacy.

This was a great story. I really enjoyed the worldbuilding. The narrator did a great job showing Daisy's personality and keeping the emotional pace of the story. 

Favorite Quote:
Tears stung my eyes. "I don't want that responsibility."

Across the table, Stefan stirred. "Dauda-dagr is a weapon of great power, Daisy," he said softly. "When you accepted it from Hel's hand, you accepted the mantle of responsibility that came with it."
I bought this one. You can buy your copy here.

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  1. I enjoyed this series. As a Michigander, it was fun to see how she took an established tourist town and made it into a fun paranormal story.


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