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ARC Review: Glass Slippers by Leah Cypess

Glass Slippers

Leah Cypess
Series: Sisters Ever After
Publication: Delacorte Press (April 5, 2022)

Description: The second book in the Sisters Ever After series of fairy tale retellings from the point of view of the siblings in the background, this is the thrilling story of Cinderella's never-before-mentioned third "evil" step-sister, Tirza.

Meet Cinderella’s third “wicked” stepsister, Tirza. For years, Tirza has lived with the shame of what her family did to Cinderella. Against everyone’s advice, Cinderella—now Queen Ella—took a chance on young Tirza. She gave Tirza a home in the castle instead of banishing her. The queen told everyone Tirza was good and kind, not cruel like her older sisters.

But now Queen Ella’s famous glass slippers are missing, and there’s only one suspect. . .

Tirza may have tried them on . . . but she didn’t steal them. Now she must find the true thief before she loses her royal home. But as Tirza gets closer to the truth, she finds herself getting closer to something else: her sisters, who might not be quite as evil as Cinderella claims.

My Thoughts: Tirzah is Cinderella's third stepsister. She was only five when Cinderella was chosen by her prince. While the other sisters were exiled, Cinderella brought Tirzah with her to the palace because she claimed Tirzah was not wicked.

Unfortunately, Cinderella - now Queen Ella - is the only one who doesn't think Tirzah is wicked. She's teased, ignored, belittled and treated poorly by everyone except her one friend Aden who is a stableboy. When the glass slippers that Queen Ella wears once a year on the anniversary of her meeting with the prince go missing, eleven-year-old Tirzah is the first one to be blamed. 

Tirzah did see them in Queen Ella's bedroom. And she did try them on and dance a few steps. But then she returned them to where she had found them and left. No matter who asks, and despite no one actually listening to her, she keeps saying that she didn't take the slippers. 

Things get more complicated when Aden comes to release her from the dungeon and aid her escape, since he's congratulating her on the theft. Tirzah also learns that her sisters and her godmother have been keeping watch over her and now want her to join them in overthrowing Queen Ella.

Tirzah doesn't know what to believe and doesn't know who to trust. Everyone has their own side to the conflict and all the viewpoints are confusing to her. And the slippers aren't what she thought either. They are remnants of fae magic that give the wearer power but at great cost. She sees what they do to her sisters and begins to understand why Queen Ella has kept her away from them since she moved to the castle. The slippers are calling to her and promising power. 

This was an entertaining middle grade story. It has interesting characters and a fast-paced plot with lots of adventure.

Favorite Quote:
I was used to having people sneer at me, But my room, so out of the way and inaccessible, was the one place where I usually didn't have to put up with it. 
I received this one in exchange for an honest review from NetGalley. You can buy your copy here.

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