Tuesday, April 12, 2022

ARC Review: The Sweet Goodbye by Ron Corbett

The Sweet Goodbye

Ron Corbett
Series: A Danny Barrett Novel (Book 1)
Publication: Berkley (April 19, 2022)

Description: In this thrilling new series from Edgar®-nominated author Ron Corbett, the most dangerous predator in the Maine wilderness walks on two feet—and it is Danny Barrett's job to bring him down.

Something is not right in the North Maine Woods.

A small family-run lumber company should not have more than two hundred million unaccountable dollars on their books. Money like that comes from moving something other than wood across the border.

The first agent the FBI sent undercover was their best man—sure to get the answers that were needed. He was dead within a month.

Now, Danny Barrett is taking his place. Before he was a cop, Danny grew up in the woods of Northern Michigan. He is the only chance the feds have of getting answers, but how many more will have to die first?

My Thoughts: THE SWEET GOODBYE was an entertaining beginning to a new series. Danny Barrett has been an undercover agent for twelve years and successful. But his new case, which takes him to a dying town in Maine and the deep, uncharted Maine woods, is going to test him in many ways.

Lee Forestry Products has too much money on its books - what accountants call "funds without provenance" - which makes the FBI think something illegal is going on. The first undercover agent they sent to investigate was found murdered. 

Now, it's Danny time to try to find out what is going on. He was a Detroit cop but grew up in the forestry business in Upper Michigan. His cover as a tree marker gives him a chance to investigate. 

As Danny gets to know the players - the two Lee brothers who own the business, Beau Lafontaine who has a reputation in the Maine woods, and Pearl Lafontaine who's a diner waitress, cousin of Beau, and Travis Lee's long-time lover - he gets tangled up in a twisted situation.

The story is part mystery, part twisted romance, and all-around compelling read. The story is told from multiple viewpoints and sometimes in flashbacks. I enjoyed the story very much and look forward to more in the series. 

Favorite Quote:
You'd think the day would come when familiarity cooled the urge, dulled the senses, the tally of days finally too much for passion. But it never came. That had always surprised her. How it had never been anything different from what it had been at first. 
I received this one in exchange for an honest review from NetGalley. You can buy your copy here.

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