Friday, April 1, 2022

Friday Memes: Glass Slippers by Leah Cypess

 Happy Friday everybody!

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I didn't do it.
Friday 56:
When I woke, my head was cushioned on a soft pillow, and a bandage was wrapped around my leg.
This week I am spotlighting Glass Slippers by Leah Cypess. This is a middle grade/YA title from my review stack. Here's the description from Amazon:
The second book in the Sisters Ever After series of fairy tale retellings from the point of view of the siblings in the background, this is the thrilling story of Cinderella's never-before-mentioned "evil" step-sister, Tirza.

Meet Cinderella’s third “wicked” stepsister, Tirza. For years, Tirza has lived with the shame of what her family did to Cinderella. Against everyone’s advice, Cinderella—now Queen Ella—took a chance on young Tirza. She gave Tirza a home in the castle instead of banishing her. The queen told everyone Tirza was good and kind, not cruel like her older sisters.

But now Queen Ella’s famous glass slippers are missing, and there’s only one suspect. . ..

Tirza may have tried them on . . . but she didn’t steal them. Now she must find the true thief before she loses her royal home. But as Tirza gets closer to the truth, she finds herself getting closer to something else: her sisters, who might not be quite as evil as Cinderella claims.


  1. This sounds like a sweet book! And fun - I love fairy tale retellings and spinoffs, and am featuring one today for my Friday 56!

  2. Clever to write about one of the ugly sisters!

  3. I would definitely pick this one up! Happy weekend!

  4. I didn't do it! LOL, famous last lines! I hope you enjoy this one ;)

  5. Ooh, I'm going to have to look up this series.


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