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Book Review: Sharp Edges by Jayne Ann Krentz

Sharp Edges

Jayne Ann Krentz
Publication: Pocket Books (September 7, 2010)

Description: Love’s passionate snags get the smooth touch in this sparkling masterpiece from Jayne Ann Krentz!

She put her art on the line—and her heart in his hands...

Eugenia Swift is a young woman of singular sensibilities, and a connoisseur of beauty. As director of the Leabrook Glass Museum, she’s been asked to travel to Frog Cove Island—an artistic haven near Seattle—to catalog an important collection of art glass. But thanks to unsavory rumors surrounding the collector’s death, the museum insists that Eugenia take along Cyrus Chandler Colfax—a rough-hewn private investigator whose taste in glass runs to ice-cold bottles filled with beer.

When Colfax declares they must pose as a couple, Eugenia protests in a manner as loud as his Hawaiian shirts. But now their very lives depend on the most artful collaboration they can imagine. For a killer is lurking among Frog Cove’s chic galleries, and if anyone sees through their marital masquerade, their own secret agendas—as well as their plans for survival—may be smashed to smithereens!

My Thoughts: This classic Jayne Ann Krentz title is filled with her snappy dialog and intriguing characters. 

Eugenia Swift is the director of the Leabrook Glass Museum in Seattle. She's smart, she's arty, and she has an amazing intuition about art and artists. Cyrus Chandler Colfax is a former cop turned private investigator. 

When art collector Adam Daventry dies and leaves his collection to the Leabrook, Eugenia feels compelled to catalog the collection herself. She regrets introducing her friend Nellie to the collector who collected artists as lovers as well as their art. Eugenia as always thought of Daventry as a vampire who sucked all the good out of people. And when Nellie disappears in an apparent boating accident the day after Daventry is found dead at the bottom on a staircase in his Mansion on Frog Cove, Eugenia feels she needs to investigate.

Cyrus Chandler Colfax is hired to go along with her to protect her. He also has his own agenda, three years earlier, Cyrus's partner Damian Marsh tried to kill him, did kill his wife Katy, and absconded with a unique, ancient, and very precious glass cup known as the Hades Cup. Cyrus has been determined to track down Marsh and get justice for the death of his wife. He's heard that Daventry is currently in possession of the Hades Cup.

It was wonderful watching this couple discover that despite Cyrus's penchant for wearing very loud Hawaiian shirts and Eugenia dressing like a lady catburglar the two have more in common than they would have expected. They share core values and attitudes and are perfect for each other. Of course, the fact that both of them are stubborn and used to leading and wary of falling in love doesn't make the journey an easy one.

I liked the setting and all the information about glass. I liked both Eugenia and Cyrus very much and was pulling for them all the way.

Favorite Quote:
"We can go to the island as a couple."

She stared at him, uncomprehendingly. "A couple of what?"
I bought this one before 2008. When Bookbub offered the Kindle version for $1.99, I decided it was time for a reread. You can buy your copy here.

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