Friday, April 9, 2010

Kids Against Hunger Event

I am temporarily hijacking my blog to talk about an event going on today at my Elementary School.

Today was an exciting day at my Elementary School. Students in grades K-5 (along with assistance from our Senior class) packed meals for the Kids Against Hunger program. This is a project that we have done for a couple of years. Some of the meals remain in our local community but the majority are sent to feed hungry families abroad.

Elementary students have helped to raise the money to fund this program by having a Hat Day and other fundraisers. The Seniors are fasting today and donating the money they would have spent for lunch to help fund the meals. Businesses in our community have also contributed. We could still use some more funds. Watch the video and see our students at work.

$25 will allow us to make 147 meals. We would like to raise enough money to make 50,000 meals.

If you have an extra dollar or two, donations would be gratefully accepted. Checks can be written to Feeding Children International of Stewart. Checks can be sent to:

Dover-Eyota Schools
Atth: Carrie Frank
615 South Avenue SW
Eyota, MN 55934

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