Tuesday, January 1, 2013

My TBR Mountain Today

I decided a while ago not to take part in any challenges in 2013. I didn't want the pressure or the feeling that I had to read books in certain categories. But that doesn't mean I don't need to challenge myself in a couple of areas. 

The biggest area has to do with my TBR pile. I recently took a look at this blog post and was tempted to join his TBR Double Dog Dare Challenge. However, I have made commitments to read a bunch of review books before April 1 and can't just read what is already on my stack. 

Here is a picture of my physical TBR pile:
It is getting kind of scary when you have a room devoted to TBR books and the room is full! I'm almost afraid to mention that I have 635 books marked To Read on my Kindle too.

The second area where I should challenge myself is something that I have been seeing on a number of blog posts. I need to read some in my blind spots - the categories of books I never try to read. For me that would be nonfiction books. I have gathered a few that appealed to me and a few that would enhance my professional life but they have just been sitting around unread. 

Those are areas where I want to do some reading in 2013. What challenges are you going to do? And what are your reading plans for 2013?


  1. And I tought that my TBR-pile was bad. But, as it's only about 1/6 of yours + 48 on my Kindle, I guess I'm not doing too badly. My goal is to read at least 52 books + at least 52 short stories this year. I haven't joined any challenges, but I certainly plan to not let my TBR-pile get any bigger than it already is.
    Good luck with your reading. :-)

  2. Whew! That is a big TBR pile. I'm at around 250ish books, myself. I'm hoping to cut that down this year, but we'll see what happens. Good luck!

  3. That is a big TBR pile. But man, that bookshelf looks amazing.


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