Sunday, September 15, 2013

Stacking the Shelves (September 15, 2013)

Tynga of Team Tynga's Reviews has a meme to spotlight the books we receive each week. Visit her site to check out the linky and see what everyone gets. I guarantee that your TBR pile will grow.

I added four books to my Kindle this week.
The Second Ship by Richard Phillips was a Kindle Daily Deal this week. It sounds like an entertaining science fiction series.

Immune by Richard Phillips, the second book in the trilogy, was also a Daily Deal.
Wormhole by Richard Phillips is the third book in the trilogy and was also a Daily Deal. Now I just have to find time to read these monsters. They are all over 500 pages. 

Darkness Unbound by Keri Arthur was added to my Kindle this week too. I had read Keri Arthur's books a few years ago and, when I started seeing her name again, I thought that they were being reprinted by a new publisher. I didn't realize until recently that Darkness Bound starts a whole new series. 

What did you add to your stack this week?


  1. I love when I find a new series to start. Hope you enjoy your two new series! Thanks for visiting my blog.

  2. I have managed to skip Kindle's daily deals but I may be making a mistake. Click here to go to my Stacking the Shelves

  3. I've never heard of Richard Phillips before. I'll have to look him up. :D And I've been meaning to start reading Keri Arthurs books, but I never get around to it. I hope they are all great and thanks for stopping by my STS. :D

  4. Thanks for stopping by my blog! Enjoy getting into your new series. P.S. I love your blog name! :)

  5. I feel silly because I've never heard of any of these books! But I hope you love them. And I saw "Linked" by Imogen Howson on the widget for your "On TBR Mountain". You will WANT to read that book ASAP! It's amazing :D

    Thanks for visiting my blog!

    Alyssa @ The Eater of Books!

  6. Phillips' series sounds like something I'd enjoy. Thanks for sharing these, Kathy!

    Cat @ Addicted 2 Heroines

  7. I haven't actually heard of any of these, but that Immune cover looks creepy.

    Thanks for stopping by my blog.

    Kirsty @ StudioReads


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