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ARC Review: Be Mine Forever by Marina Adair

Be Mine Forever
Author: Marina Adair
Series: A St. Helena Vineyard Novel (Book 4)
Publication: Montlake Romance (January 21, 2014)

Description: For Trey DeLuca, the idea of settling down was entirely unsettling. As VP of sales for his family’s wine company, he’s never in any one city—or with any one woman—for long, which is how he likes it. But when family obligations keep him temporarily grounded in his hometown, he finds the perfect distraction. She’s sweet, gorgeous, and sexy as hell…only her life screams commitment.

Between raising her son and struggling to keep her dance school afloat, Sara Reed has her hands full. Dance students she needs—a steamy tangled sheets cha-cha with a self-admitted commitment-phobe? Not going to happen. But sparks fly as the town prepares for a big Valentine’s Day gala, and Trey strikes a deal with Sara…he’ll “manny-up” and watch her son in exchange for ballroom lessons.

With love quickstepping ever closer, Sara needs to teach this playboy some new steps or risk losing him—and her heart—forever.

My Thoughts: Trey is the youngest of five siblings who are co-owners of DeLucca wineries. He is the VP of sales and the one who is the family fixer putting everyone's needs and happiness above his own. He is also still riddled with guilt because he believes his actions caused his parents' fatal car accident when he was young. He deals with his guilt by staying away from St. Helena. But now his Nonno has called him home. He thinks it is a medical emergency but what she really wants is for Trey to be her dance partner at the biggest event in Town on Valentine's Day. In fact, his Nonno wants him to brush up on his dance skills by taking lessons from the new dance teacher in town.

Sara Reed is busy trying to make a place for herself in town. She is a recent widow with a five-year-old son named Cooper. She opened her studio so that she would be able to spend more time with her son. But it isn't working out quite as she had hoped. When her former sister-in-law and partner in the business gets a chance to follow her dreams to dance professionally, Sara finds herself working even more. While Trey's Nonno is a good customer of the dance studio, Sara doesn't know how she will be able to fit in any more lessons.

But when Trey and Sara meet, sparks fly. They are both hugely attracted to each other despite the different paths their lives are on. Soon Trey if fitting himself right into the family and becoming the role model Cooper has been longing for. But he still isn't ready to stay. He offers to be Sara's February man but plans to head off to Italy in March on family business.

This story was fun to read. Despite the fact that it isn't the first book in the St. Helena Vineyard series, I didn't have any trouble catching up. The only question I have is about the relationship between Nonno and a man named Charles. But that is a minor detail. The romance was spicy but it was also sweet to see Trey's relationship with Cooper and with his brothers' wives and children.

Fans of family romances will enjoy this quick read.

Favorite Quote:
Still, as far as Trey was concerned, there was nothing settling about the idea of settling down. In fact, he was pretty sure he'd developed a severe allergic reaction to commitment, compromise, and kids the day his parents died. 
I got this one as an eARC from Montlake Romance. You can buy your copy here.

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