Friday, January 3, 2014

Friday Memes: Alone by Kendra Elliot

Happy Friday everybody!
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This week I am spotlighting Alone by Kendra Elliot which is the latest in her Bone Secrets novels. I got the ARC from the author. I have read, reviewed and loved the rest of the books in the series. Here is the description of this Jan. 7 release:
One rainy night in the woods outside of Portland, Dr. Victoria Peres is called to the site of a haunting crime scene. Six beautiful young girls—all in white dresses and arranged in a perfect circle—have been left for dead. Only one girl, fighting for her life at a nearby hospital, has survived the carnage. Things get stranger still when Victoria and the police discover that the disturbing arrangement of the bodies—as meticulous as it is mysterious—is straight from the pages of a decades-old cold case. Victoria is called on to do what she does best, read the bones of the dead for clues…while dealing with the surprise return of her first love, medical examiner Seth Rutledge. Only this time she must figure out how the two cases, fifty years apart, are connected.

In the fourth book in her heart-pounding Bone Secrets series, best-selling author Kendra Elliot sends readers on a dark and thrilling journey as forensic anthropologist Victoria Peres races to solve a horrific new case while confronting the secrets of her past.
"I won't miss this part of the job," Victoria heard Dr. James Campbell mutter as he held a blackberry vine out of the way for Lacey and Victoria to pass by.
Friday 56:
In her opinion, the two similar cases had the potential to go viral on the internet. It had the key ingredients—tragic death, young women, and nearly identical occurrences decades apart.


  1. Sounds sci-fi-ish!

    Happy weekend!

  2. Intriguing premise. The beginning made me wonder what a doctor was doing out among blackberry vines, and I would read more to find out. The Friday 56 grabbed me too. Sounds like a good story.
    Here's the link to my Friday post: A GOOD HOME.

  3. Sounds pretty interesting! Hope it's a great one :)

  4. This sounds creeptastic!

    Linking from Friday 56,
    Ricki Jill


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