Thursday, December 18, 2014

Book Review: Cajun Nights by D. J. Donaldson

Cajun Nights
Author: D. J. Donaldson
Series: Andy Broussard & Kit Franklyn Mystery (Book 1)
Publication: Astor + Blue Editions (October 31, 2014)

Description: Imagine investigating a case where each of the several victims had type O blood, drove an obsolete car, and hummed a nursery rhyme before committing murder and then suicide. That’s young criminal psychologist Kit Franklyn’s assignment and the solution just seems plain impossible. Her obese, jovial boss, chief medical examiner Andy Broussard, is just as baffled as she is. Together, they devise strictly scientific possibilities. Not once do they consider black magic to be the culprit until an ancient Cajun sorcerer’s curse surfaces, “Beware the songs you loved in youth.”

My Thoughts: I enjoyed the first Kit Franklyn/Andy Broussard mystery. In this case seemingly ordinary men are going crazy and committing murder and then suicide. Since Kit's specialty is suicide, she is involved in the cases but is baffled because most of the men showed no previous signs that they were suicidal. Soon, she's working with a computer-savvy colleague and discovers that the men might have something in common after all.

She and Andy investigate despite attempts on each of their lives. Kit shows realistic fear but also shows determination not to let the fear win. She is also thinking about her relationship with her boyfriend David who is pushing for the relationship to get closer. Kit is worried about his disdainful attitude toward her job. Besides, she says that she just doesn't feel that spark that indicated that he's the one.

I liked the touch of magic in the story and will be eager to see if it continues in later books in the series. I also liked Kit's relationship with her new boss Andy. I'll be eager to see how that works out in later books too.

Favorite Quote:
"You've heard the sayin', 'Things are not always what they seem'?"


"Usually they are."
I got this eARC from Shelby at Astor + Blue. You can buy your copy here.

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