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Book Review: Total Eclipse by Rachel Caine

Total Eclipse
Author: Rachel Caine
Series: Weather Wardens, Book 9
Publication: Roc; 1st Printing edition (August 3, 2010)

Description: Weather Warden Joanne Baldwin, her husband, the djinn David, and the Earth herself have been poisoned by a substance that destroys the magic that keeps the world alive. The poison is destabilizing the entire balance of power, bestowing magic upon those who have never had it, and removing it form those who need it. It's just a matter of time before the delicate balance of nature explodes into chaos-and doom.

My Thoughts: This was an exciting conclusion to the Weather Warden series. Joanne, David, Cherise and Kevin set off to try to get Joanne and David's powers back. They need to travel to the fire oracle through horrible weather. Mother Earth is waking up, has reclaimed all the djinn, and is really angry. She is expressing her anger through waves of destruction.

Adding to the problems is the fact that Joanne's powers have found a new home in Cherise who is Joanne's best friend but also a previously ordinary human. She suddenly has vast powers of weather and earth and has never been taught to control them. Kevin is a Weather Warden but he also now has David's djinn powers. He is better able to control them but doesn't waThe nt the powers.

The four of them struggle to travel while dodging massive storms and djinn sent by Mother Earth to destroy them. All along they are hearing from Lewis, who is in charge of the remaining wardens, that conditions are getting worse and worse throughout the world.

The story is fast-paced and filled with action. It is also filled with Joanne's determination not to give up but to keep trying different approaches to convince Mother Earth to stop her waves of destruction. I liked the relationship between Joanne and David and their willingness to do anything for each other.

Fans of urban fantasy will want to put this series on their reading list.

Favorite Quote:
"You two okay?" I left it an open-ended question, and it was up to them whether that applied to injuries, mental instability, shock, or just plain hating the world.
I bought this one on July 16, 2010. You can buy your copy here.

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