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Book Review: Silver Linings by Jayne Ann Krentz

Silver Linings
Author: Jayne Ann Krentz
Publication: Purple Papaya, LLC (June 30, 2017)

Description: Mattie Sharpe is never late​ but ​ getting lost on a winding island road that dead-ended in the mountains set her back by two full hours. Nerves already frayed from the delay left her unprepared for ​what she found​ at her destination--Paul Cormier slowly bleeding to death on the white marble floor of his pristine mansion. Had she been on schedule, Mattie ​ ​would have suffered the same fate. ​

Now she's on the run with the only man who can keep her safe, Hugh Abbot. ​Trouble is, he's the same man who walked out on her several months ago; the one man she vowed never to see again. ​Hugh is a man who understands priorities. Getting Mattie safely off the island is at the top of his list. He's got a lot of challenges -- he can deal with a closed airport, a plane in flames and a jungle. But convincing Mattie that she can trust him is the biggest problem of all.

My Thoughts: Mattie finds herself in the middle of an adventure when she stops at the island of Purgatory to pick up an ancient sword for her aunt and finds the murdered body of the sword's owner. Fleeing the scene, she runs into the last person that she wanted to see on her island vacation. Hugh Abbot is the man who turned down her marriage proposal, broke her heart, and took off for parts unknown. She's been avoiding him for a year.

Hugh regrets hurting Mattie but it was really the wrong time to begin a new relationship. He had just broken his engagement to her sister Ariel and was questioning his own judgment. Some thought convinced him that Mattie was the woman for him. The only problem is that she isn't eager to hear what he now believes.

Hugh rescue Mattie from danger and they head off to a nearby island. Hugh is ready to resume their relationship, marry her and take him back home to his island where he is in the process of setting up a charter airline business. But Mattie has had time to think too and she isn't at all certain that she wants to trust Hugh with her heart again. Worst of all, following Hugh means giving up her life in Seattle where she is a successful art gallery owner.

Having successful careers in two very different places would be enough of an obstacle to romance but there's more: an old enemy of Hugh's has resurfaced and Hugh needs to take care of him. After all, he tried to kill Hugh and did murder his friend on Purgatory.

This novel was written in 1991 and it shows in a few ways. Lack of cellphones which likely wouldn't have worked on Purgatory anyway is one of the things that make its age know. Most of all though, the attitudes indicate the book's age. Hugh's unwillingness to hear the word "no" in sexual situations was a little troubling even if Mattie was willing to be convinced.

This story does have Krentz's trademark quirky characters and crisp dialog. It has independent women and men who are heroes with slightly rusty armor. It was an enjoyable reread since I hadn't revisited it since buying and reading it first in 1991.

Favorite Quote:
"None of us can actually make someone else happy, not really. We each have to find our own happiness within ourselves. We have to work at it. It takes courage."
I bought this one. You can buy your copy here.

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