Tuesday, March 17, 2020

Book Review: Moontangled by Stephanie Burgis

Author: Stephanie Burgis
Series: The Harwood Spellbook 3
Publication: Five Fathoms Press (February 3, 2020)

Description: Take one ambitious politician and one determined magician with wildly different aims for their next meeting.

Add a secret betrothal, a family scandal, and a heaping of dangerous fey magic in an enchanted wood…and watch the sparks fly!

For just one moonlit, memorable night, Thornfell College of Magic has flung open its doors, inviting guests from around the nation to an outdoor ball intended to introduce the first-ever class of women magicians to society…but one magician and one invited guest have far more pressing goals of their own for the night.

Quietly brilliant Juliana Banks is determined to win back the affections of her secret fiancée, rising politician Caroline Fennell, who has become inexplicably distant. If Juliana needs to use magic to get her stubborn fiancée to pay her attention…well, then, as the top student in her class, she is more than ready to take on that challenge!

Unbeknownst to Juliana, though, Caroline plans to nobly sacrifice their betrothal for Juliana’s own sake – and no one has ever accused iron-willed Caroline Fennell of being easy to deter from any goal.

Their path to mutual happiness may seem tangled beyond repair…but when they enter the fey-ruled woods that border Thornfell College, these two determined women will find all of their plans upended in a night of unexpected and magical possibilities.

My Thoughts: This is the third novella in the Harwood Spellbook series and stars Juliana Banks who aspires to be one of the first female magicians and Caroline Fennell whose political career has hid a roadblock when her mentor left the field in disgrace.

The two young women had been secretly engaged for a few years as each worked on their own future. Events come together at a party thrown to showcase the new female magicians where Juliana hopes that their secret engagement can become a public one. But Caroline is determined to jilt Juliana - for her own good - because she doesn't want to drag her down because of her tarnished political future.

The fey get involved when the two girls go off the path in a forest controlled by the fey. The two girls have to work together to get themselves free and eliminating the misconceptions both girls hold is a major part of their rescue.

This was an engaging and romantic story.

Favorite Quote:
That first night, three years ago, when Caroline had spotted Juliana in the shadows of a tedious political house party, their gazes had connected with stunning force--and her entire world had snapped into a new focus. Sudden clarity had sharpened every view as energy surged through her veins. She'd felt more tinglingly alive than ever before--and she still did whenever they were physically together.
I bought this one. You can buy your copy here.


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