Friday, March 20, 2020

Friday Memes: Pulse by Felix Francis

Happy Friday everybody!
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I didn't expect the patient to die but, of course, he did, and it was my fault.

While my colleagues told me that it wasn't, and I shouldn't blame myself, I knew better.

I was a bad person, and my inadequacy and foolishness were the reasons the man died.

I felt wretched.
Friday 56:
I don't think Jeremy Cook was pleased to hear from me when I called him at eleven. After all, it had been he who had spilled the beans to the Medical Director that I'd been hiding in the linen cupboard.
This week I am spotlighting Pulse by Felix Francis. This mystery is in the style of the mysteries of Dick Francis by his son Felix. Here is the description from Amazon:
New York Times-bestselling author Felix Francis is back with this thrilling adventure in the Dick Francis tradition.

A smartly-dressed man has been found unconscious at the local racecourse and is rushed to the hospital, where he subsequently dies. But who is he? Where does he come from? He had no form of identification on him, and no one claims the body.

Doctor Chris Reynolds, a specialist who treated the deceased—and who struggles with mental health issues—is intrigued by the nameless dead man, obsessed even, and starts asking questions. However, someone doesn't want the questions answered and will go to any lengths to prevent it, including an attempted murder. But when no one will believe that someone tried to kill Chris, the doctor is left with no option but to discover who the nameless man was and why he died...preferably before following him into an early grave.


  1. I never read anything by this author, but it sounds intriguing. My Friday post is here.

  2. This one sounds so fascinating! Thanks for sharing, and here's mine: “CROSS HER HEART”

  3. I've heard of the author, though not read anything. This one sounds like a good place to start! Happy weekend!

  4. This sounds like an intriguing story. Enjoy your current read!

  5. I've never read anything by this author, but I hope you like it. :)

    Lauren @ Always Me

  6. Hope you'll enjoy your new mystery. This is an author I've not heard of before.

  7. I like the page 56 part. Looking out for this one.

  8. I wasn't impressed with this one but I hope it works for you.


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