Thursday, June 25, 2020

Book Review: Blood Shot: Stories from the Blood 'Verse by Tanya Huff

Blood Shot 
Author: Tanya Huff
Series: Blood Series
Publication: JABberwocky Literary Agency, Inc. (May 14, 2020)

Description: Tanya Huff’s darkly thrilling Blood novels introduced readers to vampiric P.I. Victoria Nelson and her life amongst the paranormal. Here are some of Tanya’s best short stories featuring Vicki and other unforgettable characters from her world…

In Quid Pro Quo, Vicki’s policeman lover, Mike, has been kidnapped by a man who wants her to turn him into a vampire. But she’s about to show him just how terrifying that can be…

In Songs Sung Red, Vicki finds herself contending with a seductive and savage siren in a case that may lead her into the middle of a murder being investigated by Mike…

Vicki tries to help a young woman being tormented by a malevolent jinn who is granting her wishes with some very deadly consequences in If Wishes Were

In No Matter Where You Go, Vicki finds herself in a lethal realm of nightmarish creatures when some reckless teens open a portal to another dimension—with no way of getting back…

Blood Wrapped follows young wizard Tony Foster and vampire author Henry Fitzroy as they search for a missing little girl—and try to figure out just how to deal with Vicki’s upcoming birthday….

Sniping sisters Ashley and Brianna Bane uncover some strange goings on at their school when the walls start speaking—and Bri decides to test her wizarding skills against this unknown foe in After School Specials

And in See Me, Tony investigates when an elderly man is found dead in an alley with no identification, leading to a seriously awkward situation involving a lady of the night who may have designs on Tony’s boyfriend…

Full of action, passion, heart, and humor, these short stories deliver all Tanya Huff’s fans have come to expect.

My Thoughts: It has been many years since I read the Blood books and met former cop turned vampire Vicki Nelson. It was nice to revisit and make a few stops in her world. I have also read the Smoke series too and enjoyed them. It was also nice to revisit Henry and Tony and the other characters.

There were four Vicki/Tony stories and three Tony stories. The stories were all action-packed and entertaining. I liked the variety of themes of the stories.

All of the stories were entertaining and all were previously published in a wide variety of anthologies. It is nice to have them all in one convenient location.

Favorite Quote:
Never growing old had lost a little of its shine as she watched Mike's hair grey and the lines around his eyes deepen, but being stronger and faster, being able to deal with the human and not-quite-human things that haunted the nights of a big city seemed a fair trade for being helpless between sunrise and sunset.
I bought this one. You can buy your copy here.

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