Thursday, October 29, 2020

Audiobook: Torch of Freedom by David Weber and Eric Flint

Torch of Freedom
Author: David Weber and Eric Flint
Series: Crown of Slaves - Honor Harrington Universe Book 2
Narrator: Peter Larkin
Publication: Audible Studios (Dec. 22, 2009)
Length: 21 hours and 20 minutes

Description: Someone is assassinating the leaders of both the Star Kingdom of Manticore and the recently liberated former slave planet of Torch. Though most believe the Republic of Haven is behind the murders, Anton Zilwicki and Havenite secret agent Victor Cachat believe there is another sinister player behind the scenes. Queen Berry of Torch narrowly escaped one assassination attempt, and a security officer from Beowulf has been assigned to protect her, a task complicated by the young monarch's resentment of bodyguards, and the officer's growing attachment to her. Meanwhile, powerful forces in the Solarian League are maneuvering against each other to gain the upper hand, not realizing or, perhaps, not caring that their power struggle is threatening the League's very existence and could plunge the galaxy into war.

My Thoughts: This 21 hour episode in the Honor Harrington universe takes place mainly away from Manticore. There is some overlap and repetition of events in other books in the series including the assassination attempt on Queen Berry on Torch. But this one focuses more on that assassination attempt and on Anton Zilwicki's and Victor Cachat's investigation into the causes. 

Zilwicki and Cachat end up going to Mesa to see if they can find proof of Mesan involvement. While on Mesa we learn more about the aims of the Mesan Alignment and spend time with Jack McBryde and Herlander Simoes. 

Jack McBryde is the head of security for the Gamma Center where Herlander works. He becomes Herlander's friend when he is told to watch him carefully. Herlander is a astrophysicist who has done work on the Alliance's secret streak drive. He is also a grieving father whose daughter was culled by the Mesan Alliance Long-Range Planning Board when her genes didn't meet the LRPB's standards. Watching Herlander's grief is enough to give Jack second thoughts about the aims and goals of the Mesan Alliance and lead him to want to defect along with Herlander. 

Meanwhile, back on Torch, military forces are being gathered. The Mesan Alliance has recruited left over Havenite State Security forces to try to take over Torch. If they can't take it over, they are to destroy the planet even though it is a violation of the Eridani Edict which forbids attacks on inhabited planets. The forces against them are led by Admiral Luis Rozsak who is from the Solarian League Navy and who is Governor Barregos' top military advisor. They are doing an end run around the Solarian League and building up their own forces in secret from the League.

This was an excellent episode in the series and makes me eager for the next book since quite a number of plot threads were left dangling. 

I bought this one. You can buy your copy here.

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