Friday, January 29, 2021

Friday Memes: Cocaine Blues by Kerry Greenwood

 Happy Friday everybody!

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The glass in the French window shattered. The guests screamed. Over the general exclamation could be heard the shrill shriek of Madame St Clair, wife of the ambassador, 'Ciel! Mes bijoux!'
Friday 56: 
Dorothy rushed off to see her mother and explain her changed circumstances, while Phryne visited an Elizabeth Arden beauty parlour in Collins Street. There she spent a luxurious couple of hours being massaged, steamed, and pomaded, with an ear alert for gossip. She heard nothing useful except the interesting comment that cocaine had become the drug of choice for the dissolute upper class.
This week I am spotlighting Cocaine Blues by Kerry Greenwood which is a recent purchase in book and audio. It is also the first in the Miss Fisher's Mystery series. Here is the description from Amazon:
From the author of the bestselling Phryne Fisher Series comes Cocaine Blues, the first historical mystery featuring the sensual, posh, and intrepid murder detective Phryne Fisher...

"Phryne can not get enough of adventure and the reader can not get enough of Phryne."—Deadly Pleasures

The London season is in full fling at the end of the roaring 1920s, but the Honourable Phryne Fisher—she of the green-gray eyes, diamant garters, and outfits that should not be sprung suddenly on those of nervous dispositions—is rapidly tiring of the tedium of arranging flowers, making polite conversations with retired colonels, and dancing with weak-chinned men. Instead, Phryne decides it might be rather amusing to try her hand at being a lady detective in Melbourne, Australia.

Almost immediately from the time she books into the Windsor Hotel, Phryne is embroiled in mystery: poisoned wives, cocaine smuggling rings, corrupt cops, and communism—not to mention erotic encounters with the beautiful Russian dancer, Sasha de Lisse—until her adventure reaches its steamy end in the Turkish baths of Little Lonsdale Street. Tension and danger rise like steam, and Phryne must save herself and other young women before it's too late.


  1. Intense opening and interesting 56! Happy weekend!

  2. I really want to try this series - and start the tv series. :)

    Lauren @ Always Me

  3. What does the French mean? I wonder what all the screaming is about? My book is Writers and Lovers

  4. I devoured the TV series but have missed this book sadly. Thank you for the review.

  5. I've seen the TV and really enjoyed it. I should check out the books. I hope you have a great week, Kathy!


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