Sunday, May 2, 2021

State of the Stack #107 (May 2, 2021)

This is my monthly post which details progress made on review books. I want to thank the authors and publishers who have contributed their books. 

Read This Month 
  1. Shadowed Steel by Chloe Neill (April 27)
  2. Thief of Souls by Brian Klingborg (April 28)
  3. City of Dark Corners by Jon Talton (May 4)
  4. A Trail of Lies by Kylie Logan (May 5)
  5. The Last Scoop by R. G. Belsky (May 6)
  6. A Peculiar Combination by Ashley Weaver (May 8)
  7. Legacy by Nora Roberts (May 19)
  8. Death in Daylesford by Kerry Greenwood (May 25)
  9. A Rogue's Company by Allison Montclair (May 27)
  10. Reserved for Murder by Victoria Gilbert (June 1)
  11. Bones of Hilo by Eric Redman (June 2)
  12. The Art of Betrayal by Connie Berry (June 3)
  1. Undercover Wolf by Paige Tyler 
Read Previously But Posted This Month 
  1. The Sign of Death by Callie Hutton (April 6)
  2. Pride and Premeditation by Tirzah Price (April 7)
  3. The Unkindness of Ravens by M. E. Hilliard (April 10)
  4. The Lady Has a Past by Amanda Quick (April 29)
New This Month 
  1. Shadowed Steel by Chloe Neill (May 4)
  2. Castle Shade by Laurie R. King (June 8)
  3. The Wisteria Society of Lady Scoundrels by India Holton (June 15)
  4. A Thin Disguise by Catherine Bybee (July 6)
  5. Last Guard by Nalini Singh (July 20)
  6. Paper & Blood by Kevin Hearne (August 10)
  7. Gone by Morning by Michele Weinstat Miller (August 10)
  8. Murder Most Fair by Anna Lee Huber (August 31)
  9. Striking Range by Margaret Mizushima (Sept. 7)
  10. Crooked in His Ways by S. M. Goodwin (Sept. 7)
  11. A Fire in the Night by Christopher Swann (Sept. 7)
  12. Designs on the Dead by Emilia Bernhard (Sept. 7)
  13. In Hot Water by Kate Kingsbury (Oct. 12)
  14. Digging Up Trouble by Kitt Crowe (Oct. 12)
  15. Betrayal on the Bowery by Kate Belli (Oct. 12)
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