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ARC Review: Miss Lattimore's Letter by Suzanne Allain

Miss Lattimore's Letter

Suzanne Allain
Publication: Berkley (August 10, 2021)

Description: The woman who never made a match of her own is making matches for everyone else in this hilarious Regency era comedy of manners.

Sophronia Lattimore had her romantic dreams destroyed years ago and is resigned to her role as chaperone for her cousin. Still, she cannot sit idly by when she becomes aware that a gentleman is about to propose to the wrong woman. She sends him an anonymous letter that is soon the talk of the town, particularly when her advice proves to be correct. Her identity is discovered and Sophie, formerly a wallflower, becomes sought after for her “expert” matchmaking skills.

One person who seeks her out is the eligible and attractive Sir Edmund Winslow.  As Sophie assists Sir Edmund in his pursuit of a wife, she wishes she could recommend herself as his bride. However, she vows to remain uninvolved while aiding him in his search (especially since the gentleman surely does not return her affections).

But when her long-lost love and Sir Edmund both seem to be interested in courting her, Sophie can’t figure out if she’s headed for another broken heart­­ or for the altar. How can she be expected to help other people sort out their romantic lives when her own is such a disaster?

My Thoughts: Sophie Lattimore has been a poor relation staying with her aunt and cousin for a number of years. She often finds herself in the background at social events and was not surprised when she overheard two people talking. Priscilla Hammond, diamond of the first water, is conversing with childhood sweetheart Charles Beswick and it sounds like they have feelings for each other. Sophie knows that Priscilla is being courted by Lord Fitzwater and she also knows that her cousin's friend Lucy Barrett is in love with him. So she decides to write an anonymous letter...which has unexpected consequences. 

Her identity gets out and people begin to believe that she is some sort of gifted matchmaker. Nothing could be further from the truth. Sophie is approached by Sir Edmund Winslow who asks her to help him find a suitable match. Sophie is interested in him and hopes that he would find her his perfect match. But when Mr. Maitland, the man who broke her heart at eighteen reappears and begins courting her again, Sophie becomes very confused about what she wants for her life. 

This isn't the only romantic tangle in the story. Priscilla and Charles marry but they aren't getting along and Priscilla comes to Sophie for more romantic advice. And Sophie's cousin Cecelia is also torn between Mr. Hartwell who is kind and loves her and Lord Courtney who would be the catch of the season but is both boring and stupid. 

It takes time and lots of amusing situations before all the various lovers are paired off with their proper mates in this engaging historical romance. 

Favorite Quote:
"Exactly!" Priscilla said, pleased. "Perhaps you are not as ignorant as I thought." She said this as if she were conveying a great compliment, and Sophie supposed a woman who thought being compared to a cow was romantic probably considered telling someone they were not completely ignorant was high praise indeed.
I received this one in exchange for an honest review from NetGalley. You can buy your copy here.


  1. Sounds like lots of tangles but in a nice way if they all get sorted out amicably in the end. Sounds a nice, fun light read.

  2. I've been intrigued by this book ever since I saw it on your blog weeks ago. This one sounds fun! I need to get my hands on a copy!


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