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Book Review: More Than Fiends by Maureen Child

More Than Fiends

Maureen Child
Series: Demon Duster (Book 1)
Publication: NAL Trade; First Edition (June 5, 2007)

Description: Cassidy Burke is finding it hard to believe that she's next in a long line of demon dusters-Burke women paired with centuries-old cleaning solution to shine windows and spot demons. Sure, her "Clean Sweep" maid service is taking off, but wiping out supernatural bad guys? Come on.

But Cassie's surprised by her sudden fighting instincts and fierce new strength...both of which she's going to need. For one thing, her teenage daughter thinks her dad is dead, but in truth he just never knew about her...and now he's moved back to town. And after many dateless years, men are finally lining up on Cassie's doorstep. Sadly, most of them aren't human.

My Thoughts: Cassidy Burke is not having a terrific 32nd birthday. One of her two employees at her cleaning service quits when her paycheck bounces. Her massive cowardly dog eats her breakfast sandwich. Her ancient washing machine grinds to a thunking halt spewing water all over the kitchen floor and her dog barfs up the stolen breakfast sandwich. 

Then Cassidy receives two very unexpected visitors. The man who got her pregnant when she was sixteen returns to town to rekindle their relationship and abruptly learns that he has been a father for fifteen years to her math genius daughter Thea who had been told by Cassidy that her father died a hero. Both of them are more than irked with her.

But the real clincher is when Jasmine, supposedly a friend of her grandmother's, arrives to tell Cassisy that she is the next in a long line of demon dusters who is tasked with removing evil demons from the Earth. She takes to the task as eagerly as Buffy the Vampire Slayer which is not at all. Cassidy doesn't have time for this. She's trying to win a new client who owns a sex club in town. 

The potential new client turns out to be a hottie named Devlin who is, incidentally, a demon himself. They begin a spicy relationship which she has to juggle with her ex Logan's attempts to also rekindle their relationship. All the while, dusting evil demons who have painted a target on her.

This was a fun, quirky, urban fantasy story with a main character who is in over her head. Cassidy is funny and the picture of a harried suburban mom only with demons. Her romantic relationships need to step to the side when the head demon targets her daughter Thea though. Cassidy turns mama bear with a vengeance when her child is targeted!

This book has been on my TBR pile since 2008 and was a fun, quick-paced story.

Favorite Quote:
Did he stiffen a little? The moment came and went so fast I wasn't sure. But, hell, maybe he was just a touch more private than someone like me, who has been know to tell perfect strangers things most folks wouldn't confess to a shrink.
I bought this one March 29, 2008. You can buy your copy here.

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