Friday, November 5, 2021

Friday Memes: Vanishing Edge by Claire Kells

 Happy Friday everybody!

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I was peering down at two broken ski poles on Yosemite's Line of Fire when the call came in to my satellite phone. With the gusting winds at my back, I debated even trying to wrestle the thing out of my pocket, but the park rangers flanking me were getting antsy. One of them grunted, "Do you need to take that, ma'am?"
Friday 56 (from 56%):
I gave him my card, which he put in his pocket before grabbing his coat on the way out the door. There was no promise to talk again, no reassurances from my side or his. From the window, I watched him make a beeline to his Mercedes, which was covered in a light dusting of snow. He never looked back at the ranger station, even as he pulled away.
This week I am spotlighting Vanishing Edge by Claire Kells from my Review stack. Here is the description from Amazon:
For fans of Christine Carbo and Scott Graham, an ex-FBI agent is on a desperate hunt for a party of vanished campers while a killer is on the loose.

The rugged landscape of Sequoia National Park is a challenge on the best of days—but when a park ranger discovers an abandoned exclusive campsite with an empty tent and high-end technical gear scattered on the shores of an alpine lake, the wilderness takes on a sinister new hue.

Thirty-two-year-old Felicity Harland—a former FBI agent who left the service in the wake of a personal tragedy and has taken her skills off the grid—is brought in as chief investigator. As a federal agent with the Investigative Services Bureau, she tackles crimes that occur on National Parks lands: unexplained falls, domestic disputes, and now a possible murder case.

The private company that set up the exclusive camp won’t reveal their client list, leaving Felicity with zero clues. As she struggles to find a lead, she’s also haunted by a painful past that dogs her at every step. But when she meets Ferdinand Huxley, a Navy SEAL turned park ranger, she begins to see the value in not just working with a partner, but trusting one, too.

The investigation takes Felicity and Hux deep into a wilderness that tests their physical limits to the extreme—and to the mean streets of Los Angeles, where they begin to learn the grisly truth behind the campers’ disappearance.

Bad things happen in the wilderness—and sometimes they’re not accidents.


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