Monday, November 22, 2021

It's Monday! What Are You Reading? (November 22, 2021)

 It's Monday, What Are You Reading? is now hosted by Kathryn at The Book Date.

It’s Monday!  What Are You Reading is where we gather to share what we have read this past week and what we plan to read this week.  It is a great way to network with other bloggers, see some wonderful blogs, and put new titles on your reading list.

I will be combining my YA and adult reading and purchases on this one weekly roundup.

Other Than Reading...

This was another quiet week. The weather was mostly gloomy with just a few patches of sunshine. And what's with it getting dark at 4:30 in the afternoon? I really miss daylight savings time. It is, however, great for my reading output. 

I raised my Goodreads goal again since I just blew past 325 books. I started at 240 and have increased it twice so far. This time I set it at 350 and am still 24 books ahead of schedule for meeting that goal. 

I have two books to read before all of my 2021 calendar is filled and scheduled. I did some work on my January calendar. Some posts are already scheduled since I had to move posts to fit in some review books that were recent arrivals. Otherwise, I've 11 review books on the January calendar as yet unread, 3 Kindle books (though one is already read and reviewed and ready for posting), and 11 audiobooks (with 5 of them ready for posting).

My brother and I have planned our menu for Thanksgiving and he's pulled the turkey breast out of the freezer and put it in the garage refrigerator to thaw. With the turkey, we are having mashed sweet potatoes, stuffing and gravy, and asparagus. Our dessert will be a pumpkin crumb bar. 

My brother does have the day off on Thanksgiving since Target is closed. I really don't miss the days when Target was open on Thanksgiving Day. He tells me that the store hours are expanding to 7 AM until Midnight and he has amended his data to be able to work any hour the store is open. I'm expecting that he will be scheduled to work until midnight at least a few times before the New Year. He was also told that overtime has been authorized and that he can work up to 50 hours a week if he wants to. He's still thinking about adding hours. 

There is nothing on my calendar for this coming week beyond Thanksgiving. I do not intend to do any Black Friday shopping. First of all, I hate crowds and second I only shop for a couple of people and don't know what they want yet. 

Read Last Week

If you can't wait until the review shows up on my blog, reviews are posted to LibraryThing and Goodreads as soon as I write them (usually right after I finish reading a book.)
  • The Slaughtered Lamb Bookstore and Bar by Seana Kelly (Mine) -- Loved this urban fantasy with a main character who is a werewolf and a book lover. My review will be posted on December 18.
  • Instant Gratification by Jill Shalvis (Mine since July 2009) -- Workaholic doctor comes to small town to fill in for her estranged father when he has a heart attack and falls in love. My review will be posted on December 16)
  • Little Girl Gone by Amanda Stevens (Review; December 28) -- Excellent and eerie romantic suspense. My review will be posted on December 21.
  • Buried Cold Case Secrets by Sami A. Abrams (Review; December 28) -- Entertaining romantic suspense title with great characters and a fast-paced plot. My review will be posted on December 21.
  • Tall, Dark and Off Limits by Shannon McKenna (Review; December 28) -- Nicely spicy romantic suspense title. My review will be posted on December December 23.
  • Absence of Mallets by Kate Carlisle (Review; December 7) -- Nice cozy mystery with a large cast of characters and an entertaining plot. My review will be posted on December 7.
  • The Twelve Dogs of Christmas by David Rosenfelt (Mine) -- Entertaining mystery set around Christmas time. Great characters. My review will be posted on December 25.
  • The Sorority Murder by Allison Brennan (Review; December 28) -- Great characters and a twisty plot that was really engaging. My review will be posted on December 23.
  • His to Defend by Sharon C. Cooper (Harlequin Blog Tour; December 28) -- It just didn't capture my attention.
Next Week
Reviews Posted
Want to See What I Added to My Stack Last Week?

  • Castle Shade by Laurie R. King (Kindle and Audiobook) -- Kindle on sale for $2.99. Keeper copy since I reviewed it earlier.
  • Fae Hunter by Sarah K. L. Wilson (BookBub; Free)
  • To Kill a Fae by Jamie A. Waters (BookBub, Free)
  • Guild Boss by Jayne Castle (Kindle) - Keeper copy since I reviewed it earlier.
  • The Bookshop Murder by Merryn Allingham (Kindle and Audiobook) -- BookBub' $.99 for the Kindle
What was your week like?


  1. Susanna Keasley is my fav. author - and The Rose Garden is my fav. of hers. Have reread it several times. You have so many great sounding books. Happy reading!

  2. I don't know why I haven't started on my Christmas shopping yet. They keep warning us to start now.

    I hope your brother gets lots of overtime this year.

  3. A good batch of books. I raised my Goodreads goal this year as well and blew through it again, but haven't upped it again. I am at two hundred twenty something. Here is my link for this week if you'd like to stop by :

  4. You have read an amazing number of books! I haven't done a Goodreads Challenge in a while, but even when I last participated, I didn't read that many.

    I usually read between 100-200 books in a year.

    Your Thanksgiving meal sounds wonderful!

  5. OOh nice! I'm excited for In Every Generation but decided to wait for it to release before I read it. I've been enjoying my TBR books again so I've been limiting my requests.

    Hope you enjoy your reads for this week!

    Here's my Monday Wrap-up

    Have a GREAT day!

    Old Follower :)

  6. It's been gloomy here too. Feels like full winter. And yeah I'm not a fan of how early it's getting dark. Yeesh.

    Your Thanksgiving feast sounds pretty good! Hope you guys have a great one :)

  7. Your Thanksgiving plans sound lovely. I don't do Black Friday shopping either. I only have a couple of gifts to get and I do that online. I don't like crowds either. I can't wait to read the Amanda Stevens book. It sounds good. Happy Thanksgiving!

  8. Our weather has been fairly good. Rained today, but didn't get too cold until later.

    Your reading goal amazes me. I don't even think in my days at home with the girls full time I managed to read that many books.

    I was happy to hear about Target closing on Thanksgiving. People need the time off.

    The cozy mysteries on your list all look good to me. Thanks for visiting my blog. Hope you have a nice Thanksgiving.

  9. Fae Hunter looks good! I hope you have a wonderful Thanksgiving!

  10. Yeah for an increased reading goal! And sounds like a delicious Thanksgiving! Thanks for stopping by! Happy reading!

  11. Your Thanksgiving plans sounded nice. Hope you enjoyed it.
    I blew past my GR goal but didn't up it. Looks like I may get close to 150 which was last years goal.
    I enjoyed The Rose Garden a few years back.
    Hope you enjoyed another week of reading!


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