Thursday, December 23, 2021

ARC Review: Tall, Dark and Off Limits by Shannon McKenna (Blog Tour)

Tall, Dark and Off Limits

Shannon McKenna
Series: Men of Maddox Hill (Book 3)
Publication: Harlequin Desire; Original edition (December 28, 2021)

Description: His job is to protect his best friend’s sister…not seduce her! Don’t miss the conclusion of the Men of Maddox Hill series by New York Times bestselling author Shannon McKenna.

When it comes to his best friend’s sister

he’s tempted to be much more than her protector…

Assigned to keep an eye on social media darling Ava Maddox, security expert Zack Austin is more than up to the task. After all, she’s like family. But dealing with the dynamic beauty requires every ounce of patience…and sexual control. They’ve been denying their forbidden feelings for way too long and soon professionalism gives way to passion. Zack’s willing to face her overprotective family’s wrath, but is Ava’s talent for finding trouble about to explode in his face?

My Thoughts: Ava Maddox has finally hit the end of her rope. She's being trolled on social media and now someone has painted "slut" on the side of her garage. She goes to Zack Austin who is the head of security for Maddox Hill. 

Zack has been intrigued with Ava since he first met her ten years earlier when her brother took him to their house. But Zack is from West Virginia and from a working class family. Ava is rich and talented and beautiful and, in his opinion, way out of his class.

Ava has always been intrigued by Zack, but personal issues revolving around the deaths of her parents and lack of respect for her career choices from the uncle who raised her after her parents' deaths, have made her into a workaholic who will do anything for her clients but leave her little time for herself.

Zack immediately assigns himself as her personal bodyguard since she needs to attend a trade fair with a couple of her clients. The clients are up for an award and have a marvelous new invention but need venture capitalists to invest. While there, and while sharing adjoining rooms, Zack and Ava begin a hot and heavy relationship. But her nightmares and his flashbacks to when another girl out of his class ghosted him along with the busy trolls, almost sabotage their relationship.

I enjoyed this story. I liked both Ava and Zack and thought they made a perfect couple. I liked the romance and found the identity of the villain to be surprising. 

Favorite Quote:
"Zack," she said. "It's been a long day, so be clear. Are you apologizing to me or bullying me? Because you can't seem to make up your mind."
I received this one from the Harlequin Winter blog tour via NetGalley. You can buy your copy here.

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