Friday, December 10, 2021

Friday Memes: Vanished by Karen Robards

 Happy Friday everybody!

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Sarah Mason had always thought that when Death finally came calling for her, he would be better-looking. You know, sort of like Brad Pitt in Meet Joe Black. The kind of guy you actually wouldn't mind taking off with. 
Friday 56:
Even after the doctors had told him that as far as bullet wound went, hers was relatively minor, he hadn't been able to relax. Then he'd been faced with the question of who had shot her and why.
This week I am spotlighting Vanished by Karen Robards. I've had this paperback on my TBR mountain since 2008. Here is the description from Amazon:
When she receives a call from a child who sounds exactly like her missing daughter Lexie, Sarah Mason turns to her closest friend in the world, P.I. Jake Hogan. Jake is convinced that someone is deliberately tormenting the grief-stricken mother. But as their friendship explodes into passion-and the torment escalates into murder-Jake is the only person who can keep Sarah safe in their horrifying search for the truth...


  1. I wish death was Brad Pitt in all black... LOL... I'd die over and over again! :-)
    Happy weekend!

  2. I've never read anything by this author. Maybe someday!


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