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Book Review: A New Clan by David Weber and Jane Lindskold

A New Clan

David Weber and Jane Lindskold
Series: Honor Harrington - Star Kingdom (Book 4)
Publication: Baen Books; 1st edition (June 7, 2022)

Description: There’s the new treecat adoptee who needs to be kept from becoming a risk to the carefully guarded secret of just how smart the arboreal inhabitants of Sphinx really are.

There’s the overeager journalist whose campaign to protect the treecats from exploitation as the newest, coolest pet on any planet could threaten the very creatures he seeks to defend.

And there’s the mysterious rash of weird accidents that are plaguing Sphinx’s younger inhabitants—including some of those nearest and dearest to Stephanie.

In trying to get enough proof to get the understaffed authorities of her pioneer planet to act, Stephanie will be called upon to attempt things she never imaged doing—including going undercover into the wilds of the late-night club scene, a realm where her faithful treecat guardian, Lionheart, cannot follow. . . .

My Thoughts: The fourth book in Stephanie Harrington's series, which is a prequel to the Honor Harrington series, concerns keeping some secrets about the treecats to avoid them being massacred as happened to another species on a world when humans settled. It also has to do with a new drug that is being created which is causing a large number of accidents among young adults near where Stephanie lives. 

When this story begins, Stephanie is almost sixteen and has been partnered with her treecat Lionheart for almost five years. Some others, including a few people near Stephanie's age, have also been adopted. Reporter Nosey Jones is making it his cause to protect the treecats so they won't be exploited or exterminated like another species on a different world humans settled. Those who have bonded with treecats are part of a conspiracy to conceal just how intelligent the species is. Treecats lack a written and spoken language which makes some believe that they are just "dumb animals." However, they seem to be both telepaths and empaths and also to have about the same level of intelligence as humans. This fact is being concealed by both the treecats and those who have bonded with them. 

There is also another problem that is consuming a lot of attention. It is Nosey Jones who first spots the increased number of "accidents" that are plaguing local young adults. It seems as though there is a new drug being developed and being tested on unsuspecting young people. With local law enforcement and the Sphynx Forestry Service stretched because of a lack of personnel and very small budgets, Probationary Ranger Stephanie Harrington and Ranger Karl Zivonik are tasked with looking into these accidents and a possible new drug. 

The story was engaging and entertaining. I like the way Stephanie is growing up and expanding her set of friends. I liked that there were some teenage problems regarding relationships in the story too. I liked that part of the story was told from the treecats' points-of-view.

Favorite Quote:
"So, much as it pains me, I've screened Chief Chuchkova again, and this time she's agreed--assuming certain conditions are met--to let you young idiots try."

"'Idiots,' Sir?" Stephanie repeated. "Isn't that just a little strong?"

"Oh, excuse me." Shelton rolled his eyes. "I meant to say 'you overly enthusiastic young overachievers.' Does that sound better?"

"Much better!" she agreed brightly.

"Of course it young idiot," he told her with a smile.

I bought this one. You can buy your copy here.

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