Thursday, January 12, 2023

Audiobook Review: The Serpent in Heaven by Charlaine Harris

The Serpent in Heaven

Charlaine Harris
Narrator: Eva Kaminsky
Series: Gunnie Rose (Book 4)
Publication: Gallery / Saga Press (November 15, 2022); recorded Books
Length: 300 p.; 8 hours and 53 minutes

Description: #1 New York Times and USA TODAY bestselling author Charlaine Harris returns to her alternate history of the United States where magic is an acknowledged but despised power in this fourth installment of the Gunnie Rose series.

Felicia, Lizbeth Rose’s half-sister and a student at the Grigori Rasputin school in San Diego—capital of the Holy Russian Empire—is caught between her own secrets and powerful family struggles. As a granddaughter of Rasputin, she provides an essential service to the hemophiliac Tsar Alexei, providing him the blood transfusions that keep him alive. Felicia is treated like a nonentity at the bedside of the tsar, and at the school she's seen as a charity case with no magical ability. But when Felicia is snatched outside the school, the facts of her heritage begin to surface. Felicia turns out to be far more than the Russian-Mexican Lizbeth rescued. As Felicia’s history unravels and her true abilities become known, she becomes under attack from all directions. Only her courage will keep her alive.

My Thoughts: This fourth volume in the Gunnie Rose series switches the focus to Lizbeth's half-sister Felicia. The setting is San Diego. Felicia has been sent to the Rasputin school where she is seen as a magicless charity student whose only purpose is to be available to give hemophiliac Tsar Alexi blood transfusions to keep him alive.

But Felicia has magic of her own too. When she becomes the focus of a plot to kidnap her, she has to figure out who wants her and why. She hasn't had much contact with her deceased mother's people since they refused to help her and her father when she was a child. But it soon becomes apparent that they want her for something. 

She is surprised to learn that her mother was a member of a powerful Mexican magical family who have suddenly developed a use for her. Her escape from the kidnappers has made it clear to the teachers at the school that Felicia does have a magical gift that needs to be trained. But her new magic and the fact that the spells her father put on her to keep her small and scrawny are wearing off triggering a growth spurt, make her enemies at school too who may or may not be connected to her family.

While dealing with Spanish Influenza which is decimating the school and her own budding romance with Peter Savarov, Felicia has to come to terms with her growing magic and what it will mean to her future.

This was another excellent addition to this alternate history series where the United States has fallen apart, and California and Oregon are now the Holy Russian Empire. I really enjoyed the adventure and loved learning more about Felicia and her history.

I bought this one. You can buy your copy here.

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  1. This does not sound like a book that I would read. Although, I am sure it is good.


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