Sunday, January 31, 2010

Review: Angelic by Kelley Armstrong

Author: Kelley Armstrong
Publication: Subterranean Press (January 8, 2010)

Product Description: Demon bounty hunter Eve Levine, the sassy and savvy heroine of Kelley Armstrong's thrilling Haunted, finds herself in danger of losing a lot more than just her job when she tries to get herself fired by the Fates.

My Thoughts: This incredibly brief book (98 pages) tells about Eve trying to get herself fired because she is getting tired of being jerked around by the Fates and she wants to spend more time with Kristoff.

The book seems designed strictly for fans of Kelley Armstrong's work because there is no character development in the book. You need to know who the players are from reading other books before the story makes any sense at all. That being said I still found it to be an interesting story. It did allow me to find out more about Eve from her viewpoint. It also gave us quick looks at Jeremy, Jaime, and Kristoff. Fans of the series will like this one but I'd choose another book as an introduction to Armstrong's work.

You can read more about Kelley at her website here.
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