Wednesday, April 27, 2011

ARC Review: Ascension by Sable Grace

Author: Sable Grace
Publication: Avon (April 26, 2011)

Description: The gates of hell have opened, and one woman will stand in the crossfire as the Dark Breed—vampyre, demons, shape shifters—and mankind fight their last battle for survival.

Kyana is half Vampyre, half Lychen . . . and the last of her kind. Determined, dangerous, and damned, she has no love for the mortals who have imprisoned and misused her. But when the Order of Ancients entrusts her with a mission—to find the key that will send the Dark Breed back into Hell for eternity—Kyana has no choice but to accept.

She is furious to learn her assignment comes with an escort . . . Ryker, a demigod and fierce warrior who long ago found a way under her skin and stayed there. In a shaky alliance, they discover an ancient cult with dangerous motive and a god who seeks to destroy all others. And as Kyana begins to feel the heat that threatens to bind her to Ryker, she knows she has to resist. For it could only mean the undoing of them both . . .

My Thoughts: Welcome a new kick-ass urban fantasy heroine to the fold! Kylana is half vampyre, half lyken (werewolf) and all heroine. She works for the Order as a tracker. Now that the gates of Tartarus have been unlocked too many Dark Breeds are loose and raising havoc with the human and non-human populations. 

The Greek gods are weakening and someone is picking off their Chosen successors in the chaos. It looks like Chronos is trying to make a rebid for the throne his sons took from him. Kylana along with her friends Haven and Geoffrey and her off-again, on-again love interest Ryker have to find the key to lock up Tartarus again before Chronos gains control.

Kylana and Ryker have to be partners in this hunt but they have issues to deal with. Ryker wants an exclusive relationship with Kylana but she has embraced her vampyre side which sees sex as something casual. They are at cross purposes for much of the story.

This story includes a lot of Greek mythology including the gods -- with Hades, Ares, and Artemis the most visible -- and demigods. Humans can also be witches and Mystics. Kylana's best friend and almost sister is a witch. The Fates provide information and don't like Kylana very much. So do Seers. 

This was an action-packed beginning to a new series that sets the stage but leaves lots of questions to be answered in the sequels. I recommend it to lovers of Greek mythology and urban fantasy.

Favorite Quote:
"The monsters don't go away. They never go away. they simply change form and come at you again from different directions. They keep changing and coming ar you until the day you can't fight fast enough or long enough and then they win. That's what I should have told David."
I received this book for review at NetGalley. It is available as a paperback or ebook at Amazon.

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