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Book Review: Dream Eyes by Jayne Ann Krentz

Dream Eyes
Author: Jayne Ann Krentz
Publication: Putnam Adult; First Edition first Printing edition (January 8, 2013)

Description: The death of her friend and mentor, Evelyn Ballinger, brings psychic counselor Gwen Frazier back to the small town of Wilby, Oregon, and brings back memories she would rather forget. Two years earlier, a killer stalked the members of one of Ballinger's research studies including Gwen. And though she survived while two others didn't, Gwen knows that Ballinger's death is related.

Sent by a friend to help Gwen, psychic investigator Judson Coppersmith arrives in Wilby barely in control of his own talent and his own life, haunted by urgent dreams. His attraction to Gwen is primal, but there are secrets he must keep to protect himself from surrendering to her completely, even as their investigation draws them into dreamscapes, into decades of deception, and into the paranormal fires of a desire too strong to resist. . . .

My Thoughts: DREAM EYES was an another entertaining paranormal romantic suspense novel by Jayne Ann Krentz. This book stars a number of the same characters as COPPER BEACH but this time Gwen and Judson are the focus. 

The story begins when Gwen arrives in Wilby, Oregon and discovers that her mentor Evelyn Ballinger has been killed by some sort of psychic weapon. Gwen knows this because she sees ghosts and Evelyn's is there to give her some hints. Gwen is also a psychic who can lucid dream and who can help others who are plagued with nightmares. Judson would be a perfect candidate because of the nightmares that have haunted him since a case went wrong. However, Judson doesn't want to become a patient of Gwen's. He wants to be her lover. 

Gwen calls in Judson because he and his brother have a psychic detective agency - sort of. They had been consulting for one of the super-secret US intelligence agencies until things went very wrong resulting in the head of the agency's death and Judson's near death. One of Judson's main psychic talents is as a hunter. He is very good at gathering evidence and putting together bits of information. 

Gwen and Judson quickly find out that the case isn't nearly as simple as they could wish. There are mysterious psychic weapons, dead serial killers and their still distraught girlfriends, contract killers, and a variety of others. The plot was complex and it reminded me a little of one of those old detective stories where everyone is guilty. 

I liked the relationship between Gwen and Judson. They each have strengths that make them a good fit for each other. I liked the family relationships in the book too. The Coppersmith family has an interesting dynamic and a strong love. Gwen, Abby, and Nick have formed a family too. They have been together loving and supporting each other since they were all sent to the same private school for psychics. They are a family by choice not birth. 

Fans of romantic suspense who like quite a bit of paranormal activity will enjoy this romance. 

Favorite Quote:
Gwen turned her back on the ghost in the mirror and focused on the crisp voice of the 911 operator.

"What is the nature of your emergency?" the woman asked.

"I just found the body of an old friend," Gwen said. "Dr. Evelyn Ballinger."

"Ballinger? The crazy old lady who lives out on Miller Road?"

"I'm sure your professionalism would be an inspiration to 911 operators everywhere," Gwen said.
I bought this one. You can buy your copy here

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  1. Nice Review! I haven't read this author in a while, but I have really enjoyed her books. Going to add this one to my tbr pile.


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