Saturday, March 28, 2015

Book Review: Teacher Beware by Charlotte Raine

Teacher Beware
Author: Charlotte Raine
Publication: Arrabella Publishing (December 8, 2014)

Description: Thirty-one year old Grace Ellery survived being stabbed multiple times in Ohio. Two years later, she moves to Murray, Virginia to get a new lease on life.

On her first day of substitute teaching, her new life is nearly cut short when she finds herself in the middle of a shooting that leaves a married couple dead. Luckily, she is saved by Sam Meadows, a cardiologist, but the shooter has disappeared by the time the police come around.

When the shooter tries to kill Grace again, Sam and Grace realize that the killer won’t stop until she is dead. With a killer who has nothing to lose, the question isn’t if the killer will attack again, but when and who will be in the crosshairs. A romance/murder-mystery wrapped in the aspects of life: love, family, forgiveness, danger, and death.

My Thoughts: Grace Ellery survived an attack by a former student and has moved to Virginia to start again. She isn't there long before she gets involved in the shooting of a Muslim couple. She was just driving down the road. Dr. Sam Meadows was also driving down and road and jumps out of his car in time to save Grace from being shot herself.

Sam and Grace are both damaged people. Grace still has nightmares about the attack on her and can't even look at a knife without panicking. Sam grew up in a cold home and never felt connected to his family. This has made him a man who keeps his emotional distance from others. Throwing the two of them together is good for both of them. Sam doesn't have any trouble talking to Grace and Grace sees him as a sort of hero.

Grace is targeted for more attacks and the killer hasn't stopped killing those people who are in his way. We get the story from both Grace and Sam's viewpoints and with flashbacks that tell us what got them to their current situations. We also get the viewpoint of the teenage shooter who is one crazy kid.

This was a fast-paced thriller.

Favorite Quote:
I suppose the problem with expectations is that they are inexact and often wrong.
This was a free book I downloaded to my Kindle. You can get your copy here.

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  1. Oh, love that quote. I've been eying this on and as it's currently free, I'm grabbing it!


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