Tuesday, December 24, 2019

Book Review: Cold Fire by Kate Elliott

Cold Fire
Author: Kate Elliott
Series: The Spiritwalker Trilogy (Book 2)
Publication: Orbit; 1 edition (September 26, 2011)

Description: Cat Barahal and her beloved cousin Bee think they have reached a safe place to shelter. But the Cold Mages who are conspiring to take them prisoner are closing in. The warlord who hopes to conquer all Europa is convinced their destiny is to aid him, whether they want to or not. And the man Cat was forced to marry is back, as vainly arrogant and annoyingly handsome as ever.

Worst of all, as Hallows' Night approaches, powers hidden deep within the spirit world are rising. Cat must seek allies against these threats and figure out who to trust, for if she makes the wrong choices, she'll lose everything.

Only one thing is certain. When Hallows' Night comes the Wild Hunt will ride-and it feeds on mortal blood.

My Thoughts: The second book in the Spiritwalker Trilogy takes place maybe in the New World where Cold Mages are rare and Fire Mages are more common. Cat meets her sire who sets her to a task where she has to pick the victim for the Wild Hunt. Her cousin Bee is the most likely candidate but Cat wants it to be anyone else.

She gets involved with Camjiata's latest schemes and the radical movement in the New World. She also reunites with Vai who has come on the Mensa's command to take care of the Camjiata problem but who is also looking for Cat.

I liked that the romance between Cat and Vai comes to a resolution. This is definitely the middle book of a trilogy because there are lots of dangling plot threads. However, it is also an excellent adventure with great world building.

Favorite Quote:
"I want this chain off my tongue, Vai. Just as you want the chains off your village, just as Bee wants to live. I want not to live at the mercy of Four Moons House, or a prince's militia, or the general's schemes. Surely it's the same thing most people want. Health and vigor. A refuge which is not a cage but those who care for us and whom we care for. Like Luce's giggle. Aunt Tilly's smile. Rory's loyalty. Bee's happiness. You."
I bought this one August 20, 2011. You can buy your copy here.

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