Wednesday, May 13, 2020

Audiobook: Sweep of the Blade by Ilona Andrews

Sweep of the Blade
Author: Ilona Andrews
Narrator: Natalie Naudus
Publication: NYLA (Sept. 19, 2019)
Length: 8 hours and 53 minutes

Description: Maud Demille is a daughter of Innkeepers - a special group who provide "lodging" to other-planetary visitors - so she knows that a simple life isn't in the cards. But even Maud could never have anticipated what Fate would throw at her.

Once a wife to a powerful vampire knight, Maud and her young daughter, Helen, were exiled with him for his treachery to the desolate, savage planet of Karhari. Karhari killed her husband, and Maud - completely abandoned by his family - has spent over a year avenging his debts. Rescued by her sister Dina, she's sworn off all things vampire. helping Dina save the world, she met Arland, the Marshal of House Krahr, one of the most powerful vampire houses. One thing led to another and he asked for her hand in marriage. She declined. Arland is not used to hearing the word "no"; and try as she might, Maud can't just walk away from Arland. It doesn't help that being human is a lot harder for Maud than being a vampire.

To sort it all out, she accepts his invitation to visit his home planet. House Krahr is extremely influential and Maud knows that a woman - a human, with a very questionable past - who's turned down a proposal from its most beloved son won't get a warm reception. Maybe she’s not sure about marrying Arland, but House Krahr isn’t going to decide for her. Maud Demille has never run from a fight, and House Krahr will soon discover that there's a lot more to Maud than they’re expecting.

My Thoughts: This Maud's story. It begins with a more complete description of her life on Karhari as she struggles for survival for herself and her daughter after her husband's treachery and death. She has definitely sworn off vampires.

But then she meets Arland. He is Marshal of House Krahr and a friend of her sister Dina. He is a much more honorable man than her husband was. But she doesn't know if she can trust him with her life and especially her daughter's life.

Maud does agree to go home with him to try to get to know him better and to see if they can have a future together. She doesn't expect to find herself dropped right into the middle of vampire politics and a plot to overthrow House Krahr.

I really liked Maud. She was smart and competent and a woman very worthy of the militant vampire houses. She was also an excellent mother to her half-vampire child. Her intelligence helps her carve out a place for herself in House Krahr and that competence gives her the confidence to link her future with Arland's.

I really enjoyed the narration of this story. I thought the pacing was great and the action nonstop.

I bought this one. You can buy your copy here.

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