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Book Review: Murder at Rudhall Manor by Anya Wylde

Murder at Rudhall Manor
Author: Anya Wylde
Series: Lucy Anne Trotter Mysteries (Book 1)
Publication: Self-Published (June 15, 2014)

Description: A murder and a theft have been committed at Rudhall Manor. A box of jewels has vanished and Lord Sedley, a lusty old aristocrat, has been stabbed six times in the chest.

It is all very mysterious, and the Sedley family and the servants have decided that Miss Lucy Anne Trotter, a recently employed governess, is to blame for the unfortunate events.

The legendary and wickedly handsome Marquis, Lord William Adair, learns of the matter and decides to uncover the truth.

Lucy, however, has little faith in blue-blooded creatures—even if they possess dashing good looks— and, accompanied by two naughty pugs and a moody raven, decides to investigate and unmask the killer herself.

But the hunt for the killer turns out to be far more complicated than she anticipates—what with snooty servants, warts in odd places, mixed up love affairs, agitated chickens and dreadful disguises ruining her plans.

Soon she begins to wonder if, for once, she is in over her head….

My Thoughts: Miss Lucy Ann Trotter was orphaned as a young child and raised and educated in an orphanage. Now grown, she has taken her first position as a governess at the home of Lord Sedley. Lucy is optimistic and imaginative and has a wonderful gift for description. However, she is also the perfect suspect when some jewels are stolen and Lord Sedley is found murdered.

The family has banded together and so have the servants leaving Lucy with no one to take her side except the handsome and desirable Lord William Adair who is famous for his investigative abilities . He enters the scene via hot air balloon and clad in his dressing gown after an unexpected flight.

Lucy decides that Lord Adair will likely side with the aristocratic family and thus has to investigate herself if she wants to avoid the hangman's noose. She enters into a contest with Lord Adair as to who will discover the murderer first.

Lucy's investigations take her to all of the family's rooms to search for the missing jewels and lead her to discover that the widow is having an affair with a valet and the eldest daughter is also romancing the valet. The eldest son seems too involved with collecting animals including a baboon, a crane, a raven, and a couple of pugs to have had anything to do with his father's death. While the youngest son seems to involved in drinking and gambling and chasing women to have any role in his father's death.

Lucy's investigations include disguising herself as a tree to follow after the widow and her eldest to try to overhear them conspiring and impersonating a chicken in the hopes that the chickens will get off their nests to reveal stolen jewels. Assisting Lucy in her investigations is the family ghost who is a bit distracted by her romance with another local ghost.

The story was engaging and silly. The descriptions were humorous and Lucy's actions comical. Readers looking for slapstick humor in their mysteries will enjoy Lucy's first case.

Favorite Quote:
Lady Sedley squeaked and immediately wrapped herself around Lord Adair's arm in fright where she hung bubbling and spluttering like a dozen eggs frying in a hot pan.
I got this one as a gift from the author. You can buy your copy here.

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