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Audiobook Review: Dark Light by Jayne Castle

Dark Light

Jayne Castle
Series: Harmony (Book 5)
Narrator: Joyce Bean
Publication: Brilliance Audio (August 26, 2008)
Length: 8 hours and 33 minutes

Description: Reporter Sierra McIntyre is determined to find out who is kidnapping homeless retired Ghost Hunters off the streets of Crystal City, and more importantly, why. When her search for answers leads her to interview the new Guild Boss, John Fontana, she's ready with her questions.

Despite her paper's ridiculous tabloid headlines, Fontana has kept an eye on Sierra's reporting and knows she's on to something. To uncover the conspiracy within his own organization, Fontana proposes....marriage.

Realizing they need to work together to get what they each need, the pair marries to keep up appearances. She's a psychic and can tell he's a trustworthy fellow. His psychic power to radiate a rare dark light saves her from trouble. But this marriage of convenience might turn into something more.

My Thoughts: Sierra McIntyre is determined to find her true passion in life. After all, she comes from a family of overachievers. Right now, she's working for a tabloid and on the case of the disappearance of some retired ghost hunters. In her quest for answers, she gets an interview with the new head of the Ghost Hunters/ John Fontana is aware of Sierra's reporting and is also wondering about the missing ghost hunters and about a new drug that's commonly used by ghost hunters.

Fontana proposes a marriage of convenience to give them an excuse to work together even though he is secretly going for the more permanent and socially acceptable Covenant Marriage. Sierra has just dumped a fiancé and isn't looking for marriage at all. But she agrees to Fontana's proposal.

Their first night in Fontana's home doesn't end as either of them expect. A group of men try to break in and set the house on fire. There is an escape in the basement to the catacombs built by the aliens who are long gone. But only trained and prepared ghost hunters with tuned amber would ever take that escape route. Add in Sierra's claustrophobia and more bad guys in the catacombs and you don't have anyone's idea of a proper honeymoon. 

When Fontana almost burns himself out eluding the bad guys, Sierra is left alone with him in a vast underground jungle. 

Well, she's alone except for her dustbunny Elvis and his white, rhinestone-studded cape. I loved Elvis with his unique fashion choices and his liking for peanut butter and banana sandwiches. I also liked that people at Sierra's office made him a flying machine from a flat box and helium balloons. 

The story is exciting as Fontana and Sierra figure out what happened to the missing ghost hunters and fall in love along the way. There lots of great dialog between the two main characters. And who doesn't love a cute, fluffy dustbunny?

Favorite Quote:
She was intensely, intimately aware of him in a way she could not explain.

There was nothing nervous or fidgety about Fontana. You got the feeling that it would require, at the very minimum, a volcanic eruption right here in his office to catch him by surprise. Even then, you would probably discover that he had contingency plans for such an event.
I bought this one. You can buy your copy here.

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