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Book and Audio Review: Finding Perfect by Susan Mallery

Finding Perfect

Susan Mallery
Narrator: Tanya Eby
Series: Fool's Gold (Book 3)
Publication: HQN Books; Original edition (November 16, 2020); Brilliance Audio (August 31, 2010)
Length: 9 hours and 1 minute; 350 p.

Description: Return to Fool’s Gold, California with the 3rd book in this fan-favorite series from New York Times bestselling author Susan Mallery!

When Pia O’Brian’s best friend dies, Pia expects to inherit her cherished cat. Instead, the woman leaves Pia three frozen embryos. With a disastrous track record in the romance department and the parenting skills of a hamster, Pia doesn’t think she’s meant for motherhood. But determined to do the right thing, Pia decides to become a single mother. Only to meet a gorgeous, sexy hunk the very same day.

A former foster-care kid now rich beyond his wildest dreams, Raoul Moreno runs a camp for needy children in Fool’s Gold, California. After his last relationship, Raoul thought he was done with women and commitment. Still, he can’t get sweet, sexy Pia out of his mind—and proposes a crazy plan. But can such an unconventional beginning really result in the perfect ending?

My Thoughts: Pia O'Brian's life is turned upside down when she learns that a good friend left her the embryos she and her husband had not had time to birth. Pia is astonished and certain that she isn't the right person for that awesome responsibility. After all, no one in her life has stayed. Her father committed suicide when she was a Senior in High School and her mother decamped to Florida with no intentions of coming back or asking Pia to go with her. A few boyfriends along the way also left her. 

Pia has made a good life for herself in Fool's Gold, California. She works for the City planning events and festivals and is wonderful at the organization and details needed to make each event a success. She is supposed to have a business meeting with former Dallas Cowboys quarterback Raoul Moreno who has moved to Fool's Gold and is in the process of setting up a camp for underprivileged city kids. The first meeting doesn't go well because she is still so floored by the lawyer's news but Raoul is both nice and sympathetic. 

Raoul is speaking to a class of fourth graders at one of the Elementary Schools when the school catches on fire and is totally destroyed. He volunteers to let the school use his camp since the summer season is over. Pia manages to arrange a fundraiser to get supplies for the new school in just three days. Raoul connected with one of the fourth graders from his class and becomes concerned about him fearing that he might be being abused. After the school takes over his camp, Raoul forms a friendship with young Peter and even takes him in when Peter breaks his arm falling off some playground equipment and his foster parents can't be found.

Meanwhile, Pia has decided to have her friend Crystal's embryos implanted even though she isn't sure that she'll be able to handle the responsibility. Raoul offers to be her pregnancy partner and even offers to marry her. He's offering everything but his heart which was trampled on by his first wife Caro who kept an awful secret from him and lost his trust. 

Pia goes along with this engagement for a while but breaks it off when she realizes that she's in love with him and not conent to marry someone who doesn't love her just as much. It takes interventions from many of the people of Fool's Gold before their situation is resolved.

This was a great romance and well narrated by Tanya Eby. Fans of small town romances will enjoy this excellent addition to the Fool's Gold series. 

Favorite Quote:
"What do you mean she left me the embryos? I'm supposed to get the cat." Pia O'Brian paused long enough to put her hands on her chest. The shock of hearing the details of Crystal's will had been enough to stop the strongest of hearts, and Pia's was still bruised from the loss of her friend.
I bought this one. You can buy your copy here.

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