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ARC Review: Archangel's Resurrection by Nalini Singh

Archangel's Resurrection

Nalini Singh
Series: Guild Hunter (Book 15)
Publication: Berkley (October 25, 2022)

Description: New York Times bestselling author Nalini Singh takes us into the dangerous, haunting world of archangels . . . and a love that is legend.

For thousands of years, the passion between Alexander, Archangel of Persia, and Zanaya, Queen of the Nile, burned furious and bright, seemingly without end. But to be an archangel is to be bound to power violent and demanding. Driven by its primal energy, Alexander and Zanaya fought as fiercely as they loved, locked in an endless cycle of devotion and heartbreak. It is only Zanaya’s decision to Sleep that ends their love story.

Eons later, the Cascade of Death wakens them both. The passion between them a flame that yet burns, Alexander and Zanaya stand together in one last battle against the ultimate darkness. But even a warrior archangel cannot win every war. Alexander’s scream shatters the world as Zanaya falls, broken and silent . . . only to rise again in a miracle that may be a devastating curse. For is it truly the Queen of the Nile who has been resurrected?

Only one thing is clear: This is the last beat of their passionate, angry dance. The final song for Alexander and his Zani .

My Thoughts: This story is a love story that lasts through eons. Alexander is the Archangel of Persia. Zanaya is the Queen of the Nile. The story starts before they ascended to be archangels. Alexander was the son of loving parents who had no power under the rule of a thoughtless archangel. He grew up to be a powerful and intelligent warrior. 

Zanaya was the daughter of an angel who was obsessed with the angel who left her and who raised Zanaya to be distrustful. She also had the goal of being a great warrior.

When they first set eyes on one another, the spark was apparent to both of them. But Alexander was much older and determined not to hinder Zanaya's growth by claiming her. So the years passed...

When Zanaya got older and became a general, it was finally time for Alexander to claim the woman he loved. But then he ascended to archangel and the power disparity between them almost kept them apart. Once they began their relationship, it was a strong one, but it was also tumultuous. Both Alexander and Zanaya were prideful, stubborn people. Their relationship roller-coastered from epic highs to epic battles between them. Then Zanaya became an archangel too and the roller coaster continued. Until Zanaya went into Sleep.

She slept for millenniums leaving Alexander to live his life without her. But then Lijuan happened, and the cascade woke Zanaya in time to be in the battle of the archangels against Lijuan.

Gravely injured in the battle, Zanaya is taken by Cassandra to heal. When she awakes after only ten years, she feels different and fears that she carries a small part of Lijuan. In a way, that was a good thing because Lijuan had a plan that wouldn't be stopped by her own death. 

This was another entertaining episode in the Guild Hunter series. The romance was different than in a lot of the earlier books. In fact, I had some trouble believing it. They seemed too much the same in their pridefulness and stubbornness to sustain a relationship. Fans of the series won't want to miss this one, but I wouldn't give it to someone not familiar with the series.

Favorite Quote:
"When I was a girl, I thought love meant high romance and great drama, but now I understand that love that lasts is a constellation of small kindnesses."
I received this one in exchange for an honest review from NetGalley. You can buy your copy here.

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  1. I started the Archangels series on audio several years ago and liked it, but the length of the series is so daunting when I haven't kept up!


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