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ARC Review: Santa's Little Yelpers by David Rosenfelt

Santa's Little Yelpers

David Rosenfelt
Series: Andy Carpenter (Book 26)
Publication: Minotaur Books (October 11, 2022)

Description: Lawyer Andy Carpenter and his humorous investigating team return in Santa's Little Yelpers, the next Yuletide mystery in David Rosenfelt’s bestselling series.

'Tis the season in Paterson, New Jersey: Lawyer Andy Carpenter and his golden retriever, Tara, are surrounded by holiday cheer. It’s even spread to the Tara Foundation. The dog rescue organization, not used to having puppies, has their hands full with a recent litter. Eight puppies are a lot to handle, and Andy is relieved when his co-worker Chris Myers agrees to foster them.

Myers, a newer employee at the Tara Foundation, did time for a crime he swears he didn’t commit. When Myers discovers a key witness against him lied on the stand, he goes to Andy to ask for representation in getting the conviction overturned. Myers thinks they can have this wrapped up by Christmas, no problem.

But when the witness is murdered, and Myers is arrested for the crime, things go from bad to worse. Suddenly, it’s all elves on deck to make a list and check it twice, so they can prove Myers is innocent.

My Thoughts: Andy's Christmas break is disturbed when one of the best volunteers at his dog rescue is arrested for murder. Disbarred attorney Chris Myers had already been convicted of involuntary manslaughter and served his term. Now, Charlie Burgess who was witness against him has contacted him to say that he was paid to lie. 

When Chris goes to see the wavering witness, he arrives just in time for someone to shoot Burgess. Three hours later, Chris is arrested. 

Andy gathers the team together to plan Chris's defense. But there are few ways for them to progress. Chris has always said that he didn't think he killed Joey Bonaventura behind that bar. But he admitted that he was very drunk at the time. Once Andy starts investigating, the first roadblock is that Bonaventura apparently didn't exist. Sam, his computer geek, can't find anything older than six months about him.

While they are trying to find out more about Bonaventura, they also want to look into the cases he was working on at the time of the first arrest and trial. Chris doesn't remember much about them since he was drinking so heavily at the time. But they do provide another avenue for research.

This was another entertaining episode of Andy Carpenter, reluctant lawyer, and his band of colleagues. I liked that it takes place during the Christmas season which gives Andy a lot to be snarky about. Since the story is told from Andy's viewpoint and in his voice opportunities for snark and sarcasm are abundant.

Fans of the series won't want to miss this latest episode. 

Favorite Quote:
Even though I'm with Marcus, these situations unnerve me. I always have to remind myself that the worst thing I can do is show that nervousness. The best way not to show it is to be a sarcastic wiseass. That I can do with no problem whatsoever.
I received this one in exchange for an honest review from NetGalley. You can buy your copy here.

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