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Book Review: Muzzled by David Rosenfelt


David Rosenfelt
Series: Andy Carpenter (Book 21)
Publication: Minotaur Books (July 7, 2020)

Description: In David Rosenfelt's Andy Carpenter mystery, Muzzled, Andy and his beloved golden retriever, Tara, are back on the case as a favor to a friend.

Andy Carpenter is a lawyer who would rather not practice law. He'd rather spend his time working with the Tara Foundation, his dog rescue organization, and being with his family and his two dogs, Tara and Sebastian. But when a friend asks him for a favor that involves both dogs and his lawyerly expertise, he can't say no.

Andy's friend Beth has found a stray that seems to have belonged to a murder victim--in fact, the man and two of his colleagues died in an explosion a few weeks ago. But when the murdered man contacts Beth, asking for his dog back, Andy knows there must be more to the story. The man claims his life is in danger, and that's why he disappeared. As much as Andy doesn't want to get involved--anything to avoid a new case--he can't help but come to the rescue of a man who'd risk everything, even his life, to reunite with his dog.

Once again, David Rosenfelt delivers suspense and laughter in equal measure in another engaging mystery from "one of the most unforgettable voices in the genre." (Associated Press)

My Thoughts: It starts with a dog. Andy Carpenter gets a call from a friend who tries to reunite dogs with their owners. Only this time the owner is returning from the dead. Alex Vogel was supposed to have died when his boat exploded. It is certain that his two friends and potential business partners did.

Alex said that the boat was invaded by two men who killed his friends but missed him because he was hiding. He managed to get off the boat in a dingy just before the boat exploded. Fearing for his life, Alex went into hiding until he decided he couldn't stay away from his beloved dog any longer. 

Andy gets involved when Alex is arrested for murder. He doesn't think Alex is guilty, after all he is a dog lover. But the prosecution's case is strong, and Andy and his investigators are having trouble finding evidence against anyone else.

However, Andy and his investigators manage to uncover a plot involving the Russian mob, American mobsters, and criminal drug developers.

I really like Andy's snarky and sarcastic voice as he tells the story. I also admire his desire to be a retired lawyer instead of a working lawyer. And I admire his abilities to go the extra mile to help his clients, once he can be convinced to take on another client. 

This is the 21st in the Andy Carpenter series. Each books stands alone, and the series does not have to be read in order.

Favorite Quote:
"This trial will get a lot of media attention," Laurie says. "There's a pretty good chance that Russo will not appreciate your calling him a murderer."

"What about if I smile when I say it?"

"You do have an adorable smile."
I bought this one. You can buy your copy here.

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